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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Article written by Beverly Mahone

I've Turned Into A...

Iíve turned into a computer geek! Lord knows, I donít know how it happened because it wasnít that long ago that I didnít even want to turn the thing on. I only bought one because I figured my teenage daughter would have to use it for research, essay papers or Whatever!

Iím a member of the baby boomer generation. We didnít grow up with computers. Besides, what would be exciting about sitting at a computer all day? That, to me, would be the equivalent of a ďtime-outĒ or punishment. As children, my friends and I entertained ourselves outdoors with fun ďinteractiveĒ games like Hide and Seek, Tag, Youíre It!, Kick the Can, Double Dutch jump rope, Red Light, Green Light and so on and so forth.

Homework was done using brain power. And if you didnít have it, you worked and worked until you got it. Iím not ashamed to say I used my fingers to do math problems sometimes. That may be because we didnít have calculators, but we did have the Abacus. Remember that, baby boomer buddies? Reading was fundamental back then but we did it by reading the ENTIRE book---not using cliff notes. Iíll never forget the time my 9th grade English teacher made us read ďMoby DickĒ as an assignment. I thought she must have been insane! But, in hindsight, I can now say Iím proud to have read one of the classics from cover to cover.

But now here I am, thirty-five years later, doing the unthinkable. I wake up and---even before Iíve brushed my teeth or had breakfast---I get on the computer and start checking emails and responding to messages and browsing for News I Can Use for my website. But it doesnít stop there. Iím BLOGGINGÖ.(a word that wasnít even in my third edition of the American Heritage Dictionary)Ö and Iím also networking with other folks who, for Whatever! reasons, are glued to their computers just like me. We exchange thoughts and ideas and sometimes even prayers. I do take periodic breaks to do less important things like exercise, cook meals and clean the house. But after that, itís me and my computer until bedtime.

Iím also learning thereís lots of money to be made through this machine! I havenít quite figured out how that all works yet, but you can best believe when I do, you wonít be hearing from me as much anymore. Iíll be off somewhere enjoying the fruits of my labor and giving my fingers a much needed rest!
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