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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Article written by Craig Raphael

HTML And It's Ups And Downs

l Knowing HTML is not a requirement necessarily nowadays but learning and knowing it yourself equals alot of time and money saved. Starting out online , cutting costs and saving time is something you should be doing!

1. Don't be discouraged if you DON'T know HTML

When I first thought about having an online business , the first question that came to mind was whether or not I can "fake" my way through building my site. Not having the money to pay a webmaster , I was forced to HAVE to figure it out. I soon realized that nowadays , you don't have to know HTML or anything. There are tons of tutorials you can follow but most that I have experience with have "built in" systems so it is a matter of copy and paste and it does the work for you!

2. As you view the "coding" in these "copy and paste" builders , recognize and learn the basics of HTML

I started off not knowing anything about HTML at all. I started to build my site and in time , I was able to figure out that this is NOT difficult. Tedious? YES! DIffiicult? Not really. I mean , it shows you the HTML coding and you can figure out on your own that this code makes you text bold or that code creates a new paragraph. The point is this : If you have been deterred from the possibilty of starting an online business because you don't have the money or knowledge to build a site yourself...THINK AGAIN!

3. Make sure you have a "cheat sheet" to refer to

I started out not knowing anything and when I realized the simple things like aligning things and making bullet points , etc.....I would make not of that "tag" or "command" on a cheat sheet for future reference. This has saved me massive amounts of time. Especially when it comes to colors! I have found that my knowledge grows each day as I have figured out that ultimately , HTML is NOT difficult but it does require patience!

4. If all else fails , tutorials and/or advice is always available online

The "cheat sheet" I referred to does indeed save time but I also want you to know that any information you need regarding HTML is readily available if you search for it online. If you have the drive to continue to learn ( you should have this drive) , then soak it up and write it down. It is a time saver to NOT have to look it up online when you can just refer to your "cheat sheet"

5. Regardless of your stage of knowledge , I encourage you to learn more and more about HTML

If you are going to have an online business , I suggest that you certainly want to learn as much HTML as possible. Having these tutorials and such is great BUT , it does impede on our ability to actually learn when you don't really have to. It's like using a calculator...if you know how to use the calculator then you don't need to know how to do the equation. Same thing here....BUT , since you operate an online business that is soley based on websites , knowing how to do your own HTML is a valuable asset to your business. It will also save you money and time.

As you can see , HTML is obviously a huge part of your online business and consequently , a vital thing to learn in my opinion. There are many reasons as an online business owner for you to learn HTML. If you compare to mechanical work on your car for instance , you can understand. If your car breaks down and you already know how to fix it...that saves you time and money right? Same thing with HTML...you can pay a mechanic to fix your car and be out the expense and time waiting on it OR you can learn how to fix it yourself and get quicker results. When you are starting out online , there are many ways to cut costs and this is probably one of the biggest and most obvious in my opinion.

Craig Raphael is the owner of EsourceInfo.com. His site helps beginners in the marketing/online business world by offering recommendations that are meant for "newbies" that either don't have the funds to get started OR are afraid to risk what they have and wish to learn more for free. Craig's ebook entitled "The Average Joe" was written for these people in mind and is one of the least expensive there is to offer as he caters to other "Average Joe's". His committment to helping other marketers WITHOUT the huge expense involved normally is a unique attack to a dog eat dog world of internet marketing :

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