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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Article written by Patricia Jensen

How to Make Kid Costume From a Trash Bag

What could be quicker and easier than creating a kids Halloween costume from a trash bag?

Every Halloween, my son Tyler's swim team holds a contest for the best costume made from a trash bag. Of course, the idea is that the kids can jump into the pool and swim with their costumes on! (They don't get tangled or pulled under in their lightweight trash bag creations.)

Here's how to make kid costume trash bag: First, take a large trash bag and cut a head hole in the closed bottom end of the bag.

Tip: It will be easier to get over the head if you cut a 4-5 inch slit off one side of the circle.

Now, get creative. Use different kinds of tape and/or Sharpie markers to make a unique design, an object, or a work of art.

Here are some examples to get you started:

BULLSEYE This year, my son Tyler dressed as a bullseye. We simply made concentric circles of different colored electrical tape in the center of the trash bag.

The crowning touch was an I purchased at the local costume supply store!

HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE BAR Tyler's friend came as a giant Hershey bar. Her very artistic Dad spelled out the word "Hershey's" on a dark colored bag using lots and lots of white tape.

The result was a costume bearing a remarkable resemblance to an authentic larger-than-life Hershey's chocolate bar!

Other Trash Bag Costume Ideas: HERSHEY'S KISS - Make two leg holes in the bottom of the bag instead of a head hole. Cut an arm hole in each side too. Have your child step into the bag and put her arms through the arm holes.

Bunch up some small plastic bags and place in the bottom of the bag to add some bulk - this is the wider bottom of the "kiss". Gather the top of the bag around her neck and loosely tie.

Cut a long strip from a white plastic trash bag and write the word "Hershey's" in large block letters with an indelible black marker. Pin to your child's hair and let it dangle.

BAG OF JELLYBEANS -This costume requires a large clear trashbag. Prepare the bag as for Hershey Kiss with two leg holes in the bottom and arm holes on each side. Have your child step into the bag and put her arms through the arm holes.

Fill the bag with an assortment of small multi-colored inflated balloons. Gather the top of the bag around her neck and loosely tie.

HUMAN CALCULATOR - Apply squares of duct tape to the trash bag to resemble a large calculator. Write the appropriate numbers 0-9 on the tape squares.

Don't forget the function keys for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, ON, OFF, ENTER, etc.

CELL PHONE - Same as the calculator, just change the number key configuration and add ENTER, END, OK, and the other appropriate keys found on a cell phone keypad.
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