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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Article written by Erica Armstrong

How Much Is Your Second Income Costing You?

Most families choose to be two income producing for very good reasons. In the lowest income groups, it is probably a matter of economic necessity. There are many cases where mothers work as their partners employment lacks security or offers few benefits. Usually the second income earner is doing to in order to elevate the families standard of living.

Many families with two incomes are able to economize, but the reality is they do not. If you are trying to evaluate the true value of a second income, you would be well advised to ask yourself these questions.

Could you make large cuts in your food bills by gardening and freezing home grown produce and by cutting out pre-packaged convenience foods? Also cutting down on eating out and ordering in food would save a tidy sum in many families.

Another area to examine is how much can be saved by shopping around when purchasing household appliances. A golden rule is to get at least three quotes per machine from different outlets, and one of them should be a quote from an internet supplier.

When you calculate the true value of a second income, donít forget to work out your taxes both ways. State taxes and individual deductions will vary.

If you decide you want to scale back, and give up one income, then you must be absolutely sure that you are willing to actually economize in the ways you factored in to your calculations.

If you wish to achieve a single income lifestyle, then be aware that you will need to plan ruthlessly. It is not a matter of luck. If you would like to work less outside the home, and evening in front of the fire with a calculator and a glass of home made wine could prove very revealing.
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