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Monday, April 23, 2018
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How to Get Rich Playing With WORDS! by Terri Wells
... No holding onto your ticket and see if it comes out in a couple of weeks. If you don’t hit it on the date on your ticket. You can just trash your hard earned $1.00. If you purchased plays 10 then, just lost 10 of your hard earned dollars! There is BETTER game for you to play with better chances to win (sort of speak)! One day as I was cruising down the information highway I came across some information that made me slam on my breaks! People were playing the NEW Lottery!

10 Small Things To Take On Your International Trip by Fred Tittle
... Paper clips for holding tickets and receipts together in your note book, also for extra passport photos attached to your passport, where they are easy to find. Safety pins for broken zippers and for wounds if you run out of super glue. 9 Note book and pens for writing down stuff that you are going to need to remember like flight times, phone numbers and words you want to learn like thank you, hello and how much, which I usually don’t write down anymore, as I just whip out my calculator.

Ten Tips For a Top-Notch Tag Sale by Rosemary Chieppo
... Put big ticket items like furniture and electronics where drivers can see them. 8. Price it right. For a list of popular tag-sale items and suggested starting prices, go to Most tag-sale items usually end up selling for 10 percent of retail. Use removable stickers to price everything, no matter how small the item. PS: Be creative with pricing, like “buy one get one free”, and don’t be afraid to mark things down as the sale progresses. 9. Let’s talk about men!

Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Fundamentals by Rick Braddy
... As a general rule of thumb, spend 3 times as much energy and time trying to determine what other players are holding (especially when you’re not in a hand), gauging their play and betting styles, and refining your battle plan - than you do thinking about your own hands and play. You won’t be playing that many hands if you’re a good poker player, so use this available time wisely. 8. Play the Pot Odds - most people think too much about their own hand and what they might draw next.

The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... Instead of investing in low ticket items you are now investing in high ticket items. The profit margins stay the same. The path to your financial progress is specific and sure. By some people, this is seen as "the black arts". Of course, compared to the diluted packaged investments on offer in the "investments advisor" world Opportunity Investment is comparatively Black magic, alchemy, and witch craft all rolled into one. However, its simply common sense unfettered by the hazy ideas of ...

Give A Gift Basket by Charles Kassotis
... A planner, pocket calendar, hand-held calculator, and a style guide make great options. Add a book on career inspiration or success-building videotape and you might well make her day. A pack of gum or a few packets of flavored coffee mix will add a soothing touch. When a close friend is homebound due to illness or a new baby, prepare a care basket to lift her spirits. Tuck in a romance novel or titillating biography, a commercial video that will make her laugh (since laughter promotes the ...