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Friday, April 27, 2018
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Guaranteed Hits, Guaranteed Visitors - Don't Waste Your Time by Paul D Johnson
... made me quit affiliate and internet marketing outright. I'm glad I didn't though I'm steadily increasing my results, and my income, with the proper techniques. Once again, don't waste your time or money on any kind of 'guaranteed hits' program or service. Instead, take your time and money and point them towards the resources that will actually work. Lead capturing, autoresponders, viral eBooks (with quality content), and joint ventures are examples of excellent methods and tools to use.

How to Measure Your Website's Performance by Charlie Cook
... Hits are the number of individual gifs and items that load each time someone visits a page. Page views tell you how frequently different parts of your site are being seen, but you could have a large number of page views triggered by a small audience. ZDNet wanted to put tracking code on my homepage to determine the number of 'unique visitors' to my site. This would tell them how many visitors I was attracting per month and what percentage of these were unique visitors; new visitors who ...

Trading Forex with Pivot Points by Eddie Sieberhagen
... Whilst there are many time frames that can be used for calculating Pivots, for the purpose of this exercise lets concentrate on the daily time frame (i.e.: 24hr) Pivot Points are calculated using the previous days, Open, High, Low, and Close figures. There are many Pivot Point calculators available on the web so you don’t have to waste your time doing the calculations manually. Also bear in mind the longer the time frame you are using the longer you must be prepared to stay in the market or ...

How Google Page Rank Works by Lawrence Andrews
... Google repeats its PageRank calculatons many times at each update, and each time the calculation is made it gets more likely to be accurate. Total accuracy can never be achieved, however, because one site’s PageRank is entirely relative to the others’. You should understand that the results searchers end up with can really only be properly worked out by Google, because they’re the only ones with access to the whole index.

The Psychology of Poker Calculators by Marty Smith
... You have hit top pair and want to show him the flop hit you. You bet. He calls. 2h turned. That didn’t help him, and you really want him to fold now so put out your 4 bucks, and then, the worst thing happens, he raises. Now you know you’re screwed. He has AK or AA, maybe even a boat, but he may just be trying to buy this. Not only that, those pot odds demand you to call. You do, knowing you are going to check the river, and have to call one more bet to see his AK suited.

Game On: The Allure Of Games On Phones by Philip Nicosia
... of these methods would entail shelling out money. You pay charges for the phone calls you make while there are mobile phone companies that also put charges on text messaging. With mobile games you don’t have to pay anything. Just open the game in your phone and you can spend as much time as you want to without fear of incurring any kind of charges or costs. It will be exciting to speculate how mobile gaming will evolve in the next few years. The industry is still in its formative stage.

Want More Sales? Write A Barry Bonds Sales Letter by Dean Phillips
... It's been proven over time. It's powerful, and it works. In fact, the power is in its simplicity. Also, when writing a sales letter, there are two critical points you must NEVER, EVER forget:Most people don't make a buying decision based on logic. They make a buying decision based on their emotions. They justify their decision with logic, after the fact. People don't want to feel like they're being coerced or pushed into anything. They want to feel like they arrived at a buying decision ...

Fives Paths to $100,000 Per Way Part 1: Gidget's Way by Sean Farrington
... She quickly types “52” into her adding machine hits the “times” key to multiply the total number of weeks in the year by her profit [$427.50 x 52 weeks] which brings Gidget to $22,230 in additional income. In a mad rush of excitement Gidget pours herself a quick cup of coffee to add caffeine to the adrenaline and sugar high, and begins to nervously complete the calculations of her gig crazy profits. This is what she arrives at – $78,000 from gigging added to the $22,230 from CD sales.

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