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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Achieving an Ambidextrous Mindset by C. Bailey-Lloyd
... His incredible integration of right and left brain hemispheres was an intellectual milestone in the history of humankind. While we may not be Leonarda da Vinci, we do possess traits that may help us to achieve our daily routines, and overall lifestyles. The left hemisphere of our brains control our abilities to analyze and sum parts that are necessary for specific projects, while our right hemisphere amplifies our creative side, and keeps open positive expectations.

History of the Computer - Artificial Intelligence - is it possible? by Tony Stockill
... An earlier design, of the 'Difference Engine' was intended to calculate various mathematical tables, such as Logarithmic tables, well known to students before the calculator came along. The idea was to perform reliable calculations, as the people currently handling the task, (known as computers) made many errors. ALAN TURINGAlan Turing, another English mathematician, born some 120 years after Babbage, advanced the field of the computing. Turing has been called the 'Father of Computer ...

What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for Your Job Search? by Angela Betts
... Prepare your response to job postings that state a salary history is required with resume submission. This issue is best addressed with a salary range stated in your cover letter rather than a list stating the salary you received from previous employers. The range informs the potential employer how much you value your skills and knowledge without cornering you into the same low pay you may have received in a previous job. 5. Are your references aware you are planning to include them on your ...

Building Catapults Required Engineering Know How by Garben Catapult
... easy to fill an order on site, much like the modern day Army Corp of Engineers, their early counterparts understood what was necessary to go about building catapults. They knew, too, success or failure of their military campaign might depend on their ability to build catapults with speed and accuracy. With a wealth of knowledge stored in their heads – rather than in calculators – they set about putting these machines together onsite, or in the case of the more mobile models in advance.

The History Of Personal Ads by Josh Greenberger
... However, with a good calculator (with at least four batteries), any dropout can figure it out. The personal ad phenomenon has come a long way since its inception (whenever that was). You might say it has come up from the valley of the not-so-cool to the ranks of the sheik. Meeting people through personal ads today is as 'in' as having a shrink. There was a time when you had to be crazy to see a psychiatrist. Today, it means you own a Mercedes, a yacht, three condos and a mansion on the Island.

Children With Learning Disabilities by Aaron Schwartz
... The history of religions will be studied as a part of the study of the history of civilization. This all will develop children’s skills in various spheres and broaden their outlook. Plan to work with students with learning disabilities will also include the need to work at home to develop these children’s responsibility and self-control. We will establish homework habits with pleasant tasks such as collecting pictures or objects. It will include drill activities which are both varied and ...

The Fortune Is In the Follow Up by Mikael Karlsson
... Provide specialized historical info ranging from technology history to crime history. Law enforcement, education, corporate, etc. FREE ITEMS. Several sites offer free items. In a major search engine, type in your specialization and the word FREE. Feature a useful free item each week. DISCOUNTS. You'll find a range of discount websites ranging from travel to hotels, from senior citizen to dental discounts. STATS. And don't forget to assemble all of your website traffic stats, hits, ...

Body Mass Index (BMI) Can't Measure Your Overall Health by Ian Mason
... In contrast, another designer, Laurie M., has no family history of high cholesterol, and yet she been taking medication for high cholesterol since she turned 20. Balance Is Key:So how do you take all these factors into consideration in designing an exercise and nutritional program that’s right for you? The key is balance. If your BMI is high and you have other risk factors indicating risk for particular diseases, then work with your health care provider to change your exercise type and ...

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