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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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The Tax Payer as Gilligan by Kemberly Wardlaw
... And when raising taxes is an unpopular alternative (as if anyone is ever happy to accept higher tax rates), printing money may become the default action. Now, if you, a simple citizen of the United States, cannot pay your bills, printing money is not an option. Such acts will land you on a metal bed in a shared cage we all call incarceration. Polite conversations with your spouse and friends will be substituted with arguments from your cellmate named ďT-BoneĒ regarding the use of one shared ...

Purchasing A Power Supply Unit For Your Computer by Jason Busch
... However, more and more claims of "Sli Ready", "SLi Certified", and "High Performance" paired with 600W-700W PSUs selling for only $150, the marketing is clear: You don't have to spend a lot of money for a high-end PSU to power your high-end computer. Nothing could be further from the truth. But as we should know, classic marketing has always told the consumer you can get something for just about nothing. And as we should know, the consumer ends up losing down the road for the cheap purchase.

Understanding a Stock's PEG Ratio by Chris Perruna
... Repeat the process to determine the growth rate for the following years: 2004: x 100 = 300% growth rate 2005: x 100 = 264% growth rate 2006: x 100 = 16% growth rate Now, take the current price (we will use the close from Thursday, June 23, 2005: $38.89) and divide it by 2004 earnings and then by the 2004 growth rate: 2004: 0.36 / 300 = .36 PEG Ratio 2005: 1.31 / 264 = .11 PEG Ratio 2006: 1.52 / 16 = 1.59 PEG Ratio Using the definition from above, Investopedia states that a ...

Is the Death of Internet Radio Imminent? by Paul Philbeck
... So why would the large record companies push for these high royalty rates? That is the question on everyones mind. Why indeed. The internet has proven itself to be a viable outlet for new music sales. One would think the music recording industry would grasp this technology with open arms and welcome it into their already existing media outlets. There seems to be some kind of misconception in the music industry, and even with the recording artists themselves, concerning what internet radio is.

LG Chocolate Pink: the Pink Candy Bar by Alice Erin
... As for high-end features, there's Bluetooth, GPRS, 1.3 MP, 1280 x 960 pixels Camera, e-mail, and USB data storage and transfer capability, and you can use the phone as a modem. The LG Chocolate Pink 's music player is serviceable but nothing fancy. The MP3 player in the LG Chocolate Pink looks great with different equalizer modes and random playback. You can play music in MP3 and AAC formats. The included stereo headset is top quality. The 1.3-megapixel camera takes pictures in resolution ...

How Much Is A Great Business Logo Really Worth? by Curtis D. Tucker
... Fortune 500 companies normally pay much higher logo design rates and use advertising agencies. My conclusion is that the value of a logo should be based on a few important criteria: 1. Experience of the logo designer 2. Size & budget of the company using the logo 3. Scope and usage of the logo 4. Difficulty of the design An individual or small company with small to average uses should be prepared to pay anywhere from $300 to $1500 for a top quality, professional logo design.

What is Your Healthy Body Weight by Kim Beardsmore
... With the current demographic trends in western countries, and faced with a sea of high fat, high sugar combined with physical inactivity; it is time to pay attention to our weight but not for any reasons of desirability. The most important reason for wanting to be a healthy body weight is for health rather than for how your body looks. Overweight and obesity are major public health problems in western countries. Since the 1980s both adult men and women have become heavier, with obesity ...

The 3-A-Day Dairy Diet Ė Another Diet Fad Flop by Alisa Fleming
... Letís take a food already synonymous with several Western societies, the ones with the highest obesity rates in the world, and convince people that itís the key to weight loss. Brilliant marketing scheme! Just one minor flaw, they forgot to take into account common sense. If you confront the people who have gleefully taken on the new ď3-A-Day of Dairy - Burn More Fat, Lose Weight" plan, you will find that most havenít seen an ounce of weight loss, and some have even gained a few pounds.

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