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Friday, April 27, 2018
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The 401(K) Dilemma: How Managers Can Attract More Employees to Join by Cathy Howley
... It also estimated a contribution rate almost 50% higher when communication was at a high level a huge leap forward from traditional education methods. The problems that 401(k) plans face exists around the world where saving for retirement is just as challenging. Take Australia for example. You can see some colorful examples of online pension education with voice and movement at These examples also include automated emails after the training to remind employees of what they decided to do.

Retirement Calculator: How Much Will It Cost You to Retire? by Robert Andrews
... on the variable factors that will greatly affect the results. For example, inflation rate is highly changeable. Hence, experimenting on its different rates will provide you considerable low and high rates. 4. Always seek a professional Do not depend on the tool alone. It is always important to seek the help of a professional. In this way, you can understand the use of retirement calculator better. Knowing its pros and cons will help you understand the viability of retirement calculator.

Grab Your Toolkit by Steve Welker
... Fundamental analysis includes political conditions, economic conditions, interest rates, and unemployment rates. Technical analysis uses historical data to try to identify trends and patterns. All this information is available in real time via the Internet. Most brokers have news feeds and streaming rates available in real time on their websites so you can be informed of changes in the market as they happen. While this information can help you decide which currencies to purchase and when ...

Top 10 Reasons Why EBay Auctions Fail by Ricky Lim
... My advice is to get your feedback rating up to at least 20. You can buy some cheap items to increase your feedback. It will be easier for you to sell then. 9. No Payment Options Paypal is far the most acceptable form of payment on ebay. If you do not have it, go and get it. There are also other payment processor such as 2checkout, nochex but they are not integrated into ebay like paypal. Your customers may not know how to pay through those. 10. Don't respond To Questions There will be ...

Common CCTV DVR DIY Mistakes by Gerard Cohen
... The reason to avoid higher frame rates is that they take up more drive space, reducing the total storage time of the system. It can also divert budget away from selecting the right cameras which is far more important and more likely to generate usable evidence then a higher frame rate. Audio Recording:Don't do it! In many states it is illegal, period. It does not matter if it is your home or other private property. The law only cares about if the people being recorded are aware that they ...

Healthy Body Weight by Rex Ng
... For instance, muscle has a higher density factor than fat, thus athletes tend to weight more. But there are some measurable indexes we can leverage as reference point to body weight. One of them is the amount of weight gained since mid-twenties. For majority of people, metabolism started to slow down during mid to late twenties, which implies we might be absorbing more calories than we are used to. Studies have indicated the amount of weight put on since mid-twenties have proportional ...

Wash A Thon, Car Wash Fundraiser Strategies by Lance Winslow
... If your other customers see high pledges they will be more apt to also pledge a higher amount per car. You should put fifteen to twenty people on a page. Ask pledge drivers to fill out 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pages each. We did a car wash like this with the Boy Scouts in Northern California. Four different troops, same car wash. They used the money to travel to the annual National Scout Jamboree. Each young man got an average of fifty-one pledges. The average pledge was four cents each.

A Teen Pregnancy Can be a Crisis by Valerie Giles
... Some other information a pregnancy web site on teen pregnancy can include are facts such as how teen pregnancy rates are a lot higher in the United States compared to other developed countries. Each year approximately one million teenage women become pregnant with the majority of those pregnancies being unplanned and about one quarter of those teenage mothers having a second child within two years. While these pregnancy statistics teen seem somewhat overwhelming it can be noted that overall ...

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