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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Is the Death of Internet Radio Imminent? by Paul Philbeck
... Who will be affected if the current rates are not overturned or negotiated to an acceptable rate? The outcry went out from broadcasters all over the U.S. after the subsequent announcement of the new royalty rates. To better understand these rates I'll use the example in a recent article by RAIN. (Radio and Internet Newsletter) the new rates calculate to be to $1.28 per hour per listener taking into consideration an average of 16 songs per hour. This does not include the additional fee of ...

The 3-A-Day Dairy Diet Ė Another Diet Fad Flop by Alisa Fleming
... Letís take a food already synonymous with several Western societies, the ones with the highest obesity rates in the world, and convince people that itís the key to weight loss. Brilliant marketing scheme! Just one minor flaw, they forgot to take into account common sense. If you confront the people who have gleefully taken on the new ď3-A-Day of Dairy - Burn More Fat, Lose Weight" plan, you will find that most havenít seen an ounce of weight loss, and some have even gained a few pounds.

Power and Your PC by Jason Kohrs
... In addition to checking out the total wattage of a power supply, looking for strong amperage ratings on the 3.3V, 5V, and 12V lines is also recommended, as power supplies with identical total power ratings may distribute the power to the various lines in different quantities. Power supplies come in a few different physical sizes, but the most common are designed to fit the standard ATX and micro ATX (mATX) form factor cases. A typical ATX power supply, such as this Echo-Star 680W unit, ...

The 5 Best Cell Phones on the Market by Bradley James
... Exchanging instant text messages is another interesting possibility with the presence-enhanced Chat function, where users of the Nokia 6230 can create their own private chats and invite others to participate, or even join public chats of their interest. The Nokia 6230 also includes a digital music player for AAC/MP3 music formats. In addition to enjoying high quality stereo music, music enthusiasts can set their favourite music as wake-up tones as well as alert and ring tones.

Indian Mobile Infrastructure - To 3G or Not To 3G by Braham Singh
... An EDGE-enabled cellular network patched into WLAN (WiFi/WiMax) networks in high density locations could allow Indian operators to deliver high-speed data services with laser precision exactly where required and at far less costs than in 3G-ing a similar area. I trust this is akin to what the IT Minister has in mind. Additionally, such meshed network could provide indoor voice connectivity over cell phones in broadband-enabled locations with poor cellular reception.

Should You Wait On Volume Before Buying A Stock? by Larry Potter
... as the currencies fluctuate, they buy and sell stocks as hedges against the currency) Some programs are tied to interest swaps, some to interest rate derivatives, etc etc. But when they hit, they hit with a vengeance. It's not uncommon for a big outfit like Merrill to buy a basket and drive the DOW up 60 points in literally 15 minutes. Was there an accompanying rise in volume? Yes, but NOT in direct relation to the size of the point move and that is very very important folks.

The Art Of Exponential Money Generation by Martin Thomson
... In exchange for much higher compounding rates its no surprise we must contribute personal effort and vision. You see? You get 7% returns for handing all your money over to an investor source. You are far removed from the returns in fact you get paid last from the income YOUR money made. If you take the job of the investor source then you are at the head of the que when your money starts working for you. Does this make sense to you? Good. Let's sum up.

8 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss And Burning Body Fat by Ellen Agius
... BOOST YOUR METABOLIC RATE For most effective fat loss programs you may require a boost in your metabolic rate, which helps maximize your bodyís ability to burn fat. . Again a natural safe product that will provide energy and boost your metabolic rate and control blood sugar , along with reducing appetite is required. The product should provide a feeling of energy and vitality with the problems triggered by many appetite control products. For example, it should not cause the jitters.

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