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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Hidden Spy Cameras by Thomas Morva
... Wireless hidden cameras have the camera and transmitter concealed, and there is no wire running to the recording equipment. In the case of the wired version, the connection to the VCR or PC will be through a physical wired connection. Wired cameras usually have the advantage of having a ready power supply, whereas the wireless variety will have to depend on battery power. Hidden cameras are usually embedded into everyday objects such as clocks, cigarette packs, radios, or even plants.

Cheap Mobile Phone - Cell Phone by Clarence Harrell
... in private you can hook up a stereo headset. Lastly, if you want to dress up the t809, picture effects, custom screensavers, backgrounds, and themes can be set to fit your personality. Vital StatisticsThe Samsung cheap mobile phone or (cell phone ) SGH-t809 weighs 3.35 ounces and measures 3.9 x 2.0 x 0.58 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4.3 hours of digital talk time, and up to 130 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 frequencies.

BMI Calculator Results by David McCormick
... A doctor or nutritionist must do one of three tests: 1) use skin calipers to measure "skin fold" at four or six points on your body, or 2) submerge you in water to calculate your volume, or 3) use a device that measures BIA (bioelectrical impedence analysis) by running a small electrical charge through your body. Generally, men should have less than 18% body fat, and women less than 23%. Another good indicator of health risk related to weight is waist-hip ratio.

Weight Loss: FAQ by Adam Waxler
... You can get it walking, running, cleaning your house - anything active burns calories. 8. What's a calorie? A calorie is a measure of energy. Foods are rated with calories based on the amount of energy they provide to the body when consumed. 9. Can I lose weight without changing my diet? The best weight loss results happen when you burn more calories than you consume. If you only need to lose a small amount of weight and your diet is generally healthy, you can lose weight by increasing your ...

Purchasing A Power Supply Unit For Your Computer by Jason Busch
... And even if it was, I don't want a power supply to be rated by the coolest my computer has been or could be, I want the PSU to be rated at the HOTTEST my computer has been or might be if I have it running full throttle. Makes sense, right? When you buy tires for a sports car, those tire ratings aren't for driving at 20MPH speeds in a School Zone. Are Cheap PSUs Bad? Actually, no. It really depends on what you're going to use the PSU with. However, more and more claims of "Sli Ready", "SLi ...

Get Indexed by Google's Googlebot Right Away, the Right Way by Andrei Smith
... Don't try to fool the Googlebot with hidden links or duplicate content or irrelevant pages of words like "sex" and "hot girls." The Googlebot doesn't like being played and you will be penalized, one way or another, in the long run. 9. Use a "description" tag for every page Include a tag in your page header to summarize your site. Use a meaningful one or two sentence description, do not keyword spam. Even better, include descriptive text on the site's front page where users can actually ...

Village Life in Upcountry Zambia by Charlotte Opperman
... Travelling into the bush over mud roads riddled with potholes that, according to Masumba, can get so big they often hide crocodiles during the rainy season, we had first-hand exposure to the extremely under-developed Zambian infrastructure. One of the potholes almost swallowed our truck and this was just the beginning of our education. It took a few days to settle into the village rhythm. The intense heat and challenge of basic tasks taken for granted at home made for arduous and exhausting ...

How Do I Know If I've Been Bugged? by Monty Henry
... High Threat Personal Situations (When to be seriously concerned) You (or someone close to you) have been: * Involved in any type of litigation or lawsuit * Been questioned, arrested or arraigned by the police * In the process of getting married, divorced, or separated * A minister or religious leader (ie: priest, rabbi, deacon, bishop, elder) * Running for any type of elected public office * Elected to any public office (ie: mayor, selectman, school principal) * Executive or ...