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Monday, February 19, 2018
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The 401(K) Dilemma: How Managers Can Attract More Employees to Join by Cathy Howley
... It also estimated a contribution rate almost 50% higher when communication was at a high level – a huge leap forward from traditional education methods. The problems that 401(k) plans face exists around the world where saving for retirement is just as challenging. Take Australia for example. You can see some colorful examples of online pension education with voice and movement at These examples also include automated emails after the training to remind employees of what they decided to do.

A 30% Chance That Statistics Never Lie by David Leonhardt
... day, and you will reduce the risk of starvation by at least 69.3 percent. This seems like great advice. Hmm, I wonder what Uncle Gyula would say about this. "Actually, if you eat a dozen donuts every day, you decrease your chances of starving within 30 days to almost zero. And, due to increased risk of a heart attack, your new projected lifespan years old." "But I'm already 41," I protested. Uncle Gyula pondered the statistics. "It seems to me that starvation is your best bet, after all.

How to Use GPS Running Watches for Health Improvement and Physical Training by Rebecca Blain
... Jogging five to ten minutes a day while maintaining specific heart rates is suggested, while slowly adding more minutes as your body adapts to being able to handle the stresses of running. The third method requires that the GPS unit has a heart rate monitor, pacing functions and distance calculators. This combination is important for following the progress of this type of runner. The mother health oriented features available in a watch, the more effective it will be when this method of ...

Healthy Body Weight by Rex Ng
... Studies have indicated the amount of weight put on since mid-twenties have proportional effect on the chances of developing heart attack, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, gallstones, snoring, and sleeping disorder. Another metric often use by the medical community to gauge healthy weight is BMI (Body Mass Index). Since tall people tend to weight more due to mass associated with longer bones and surrounding tissue. This ratio factor an individual’s height into the equation.

Purchasing A Power Supply Unit For Your Computer by Jason Busch
... And even if it was, I don't want a power supply to be rated by the coolest my computer has been or could be, I want the PSU to be rated at the HOTTEST my computer has been or might be if I have it running full throttle. Makes sense, right? When you buy tires for a sports car, those tire ratings aren't for driving at 20MPH speeds in a School Zone. Are Cheap PSUs Bad? Actually, no. It really depends on what you're going to use the PSU with. However, more and more claims of "Sli Ready", "SLi ...

Understanding Your Heart Rate by Zach Bashore
... Measuring your resting heart rate is also used to determine a person`s target heart rate. Athletes use a heart rate monitor as a training aid in identifying their maximum heart rate (MHR) to determine their needed training zones. The easiest method of calculating your maximum hear rate is to subtract your age from 220. Studies have show that one`s MHR on a treadmill is five to six beats higher than on an exercise bike, and two to four beats higher than on a rowing machine.

What is Your Healthy Body Weight by Kim Beardsmore
... Overweight people tend to have higher blood pressure and higher blood cholesterol, which are major risk factors for heart attack and other blood vessel disease. Being overweight can contribute to problems in the joints, and is also associated with other serious diseases such as diabetes. How you tell if you are overweight As we are all different shapes and sizes, there is not one recommended weight for your height. Instead there is a range of weights that are healthy for your height.

The 3-A-Day Dairy Diet – Another Diet Fad Flop by Alisa Fleming
... Dairy Consumption: The Effects on Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease in WomenThe British Women's Heart and Health Study examined 4,286 British women ranging in age from 60 to 79 for links to the Metabolic Syndrome. The Metabolic Syndrome was defined as those women who had Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes (insulin resistance or high fasting glucose) and, in addition, at least two of the following: Obesity, Hypertension, and Lipid Disorders (i.e. high triglycerides or low HDL).

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