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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Article written by Paul D Johnson

Guaranteed Hits, Guaranteed Visitors - Don't Waste Your Time

100,000 Guaranteed Hits, Only $69.99!

I know you've seen this type of advertisement or website slogan, especially if you're new to internet or affiliate marketing. If you're anything like me, your mouth starts to water and your mind starts spinning at the possibilites! Then, the calculator comes out...

"Let's see, if I purchase 100,000 hits for $69.99, and my new affiliate program pays me $20.00... that means if ONLY .1% purchse the product, I'll make $2000, which is $1930.01 in PROFIT! Woo Hoo! I'm gonna be R-I-C-H!"

Wrong. If you're new to internet or affiliate marketing, don't fall for the hype. You're not going to find any successful marketers using these type of services. Oh, we've all been there and done that, so we don't blame you. But if you can learn from other's failures and wasted time, money, and shattered hopes, do it NOW.

See, affiliate or internet marketing is all about TARGETED traffic (don't fall for the 'targeted' guaranteed programs either - they too don't work). The formula is simple, send targeted traffic to a relevant, well written website with a quality product or service, and you'll make sales.

See, with 'guaranteed hits' programs the traffic just isn't targeted enough, or at all. I don't care how many times you show me a website selling pink mini-skirts, as a 6 foot 7 inch guy weighing in at 260lbs... I'm just NEVER going to buy! You MUST give your website visitor what they want, and what they expect to see when they get to your site. Simple.

I'll go ahead and speak for all of the internet and affiliate marketers out there and help you refrain from wasting your time and money. These 'guaranteed hits' programs just don't produce. I have personally made this mistake and I have purchased over 1,000,000 (yes, One Million) 'guaranteed hits' from various vendors. I have spent hundereds of dollars - with not ONE sale. Nope, not even one dollar earned.

I even paid good money to become a reseller for these programs so I could purchase the hits at wholesale! Not ONE sale, ever. Let me save you the heartache and hopeful feelings. Making this mistake and wasting that money almost made me quit affiliate and internet marketing outright. I'm glad I didn't though... I'm steadily increasing my results, and my income, with the proper techniques.

Once again, don't waste your time or money on any kind of 'guaranteed hits' program or service. Instead, take your time and money and point them towards the resources that will actually work. Lead capturing, autoresponders, viral eBooks (with quality content), and joint ventures are examples of excellent methods and tools to use. But that's for another article.
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