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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Article written by Ken Marlborough

Gifts For Guys

Each of us at some point in our lives wants to make our beloved ones feel special and let them know how much we really love them. Giving them a special present during special occasions or even not-so-special occasions can be very fulfilling on our part. However, though we may not admit it, we always want our gifts to be appreciated. So we think of certain ways how to make the receiver value the gift as well as the giver.

In giving a gift to a person, you must consider this person’s gender, age, personality, and idiosyncrasies, and not to mention, your budget.

In giving a gift to a guy, whether the guy is your father, brother, best friend, cousin, boyfriend, fiancé, husband, or live-in partner, be familiar with what he loves, what he likes, what he enjoys, what drives his fancies. Take the opportunity of having a shopping spree with him. Notice what he pays attention to in stores, and what he dreams of having but is not yet capable of buying for himself. You might just be able to make that dream come true for him. Just make sure you don’t go broke doing so!

Discern if he’s a choosy type of guy or easy to please, if he’s stylish and fashionable or couldn’t care less about clothes. Pay attention to what kind of person he is: Serious? Sports-minded? Business-minded? “Green”-minded? Easy-go-lucky boy-next-door type? Simply simple? You must adapt and coordinate your gift to his personality, lifestyle, and priorities.

You also have to determine what other men of his age will be more likely to brag about to their friends or be proud of wearing or using. Also learn what may be of great help to him in his field or chosen profession. If he’s a kid, maybe the latest gameboy or a basketball set will do. If he’s a student, an MP3 player, an ipod, a 5-month calling card, or subscribing into wifi internet may be great ideas. If he’s a working adult, you can give him a personalized bracelet or an organizer with a calculator and words of wisdom inside. You may write him a letter telling of his importance to you, his loveable traits, how he has touched your life.

But most of all, the more significant gifts you can give to the special guys in your life are your dedication, unconditional love, and respect. Be more than willing to listen to whatever they have to say, and show that you do care for them sincerely. It’s greater than the most expensive material gift because love is simply priceless.
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