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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Are You Where You Want To Be? 5 Steps To Help You Get There by Sandra Martini
... This calculation helps to determine the minimum number of profit generating days I need to figure in for estimating my time and efforts. If your financial records are a mess, now is the time to straighten them out. If you can’t do it yourself, get help, this is one area that you can’t skip! You need to know where you are now in order to effectively plan for the future. 2. Bring a calendar. Personally, I use a large write-on/wipe off wall calendar so I can see the whole year at a glance.

Setting Achievable Goals by Marco Richter
... But is it realistic enough to say, I want to generate this amount of income within the next 3 to 6 months? That would be a very hard time and in the end, you will be really frustrated. A much better approach is to set goals in smaller steps. When you setup a new website and you want to monetize it with Google AdSense for example, set a small goal to achieve first. Let´s say, I want to make more than $10 per day within the next 6-8 weeks. This is far more easy, and hey, that results in some ...

New Year's Resolutions, The "Word" and a Small Business Retreat by Sandra Martini
... I also use colored stickers to label different types of days: profit generating, business building, vacation and holidays. This allows me to know what’s planned on any given day. It’s not takes time and effort to know where I want to be 12 months from now, so I start with some basics. * HolidaysI take the major ones off. * VacationsI am planning several long spa/yoga weekends and at least one week away with my hubby. * Business BuildingI'm meeting with my Mastermind group in Los Angeles in ...

A Retirement Job - A Great Way to Stretch Your Retirement Savings by John Howe
... As part of your retirement plan, you can use the Internet and work from home on your own schedule to generate the income that will extend your retirement savings. Use the calculators mentioned above to see the real impact income from a retirement job can make on your retirement finances. Thousands of people are using the Internet to make a full time living. Why not use it for retirement work and make some money to boot? This will be a nice supplement to your retirement income from your ...

Retirement Calculators - Before and After Retirement by John V. W. Howe
... To receive instructions on how to use the calculator, click the following link:Click here to get Your Free Retirement CalculatorIf you want to learn more about using the Internet to generate retirement income, go to Retirement Jobs Online.com (See below). The site has a well organized study guide to lead you through the process. The retirement calculators we found on the Internet that include the provision for retirement income are:1. AARP Retirement Calculator2.

Quick and Easy Steps To Build Your Website's Revenue by Mark Nenadic
... The more quickly you can introduce new banner ads that will provide you with income for your website, the better your revenue will flow. Once the site is easily displaying banners, you should join as many promising affiliate programs as possible, and display their banner ads in all of the suitable places. It is important that you create as many impressions as you can so that you will create a direct line of traffic through your affiliate links and build your income.

10 Ways to Sell Expensive Affiliate Products and Make Huge Commissions by Anik Singal
... One fund-raising letter that generated millions for a bird-watching expedition stated: “It will cost you $10,000 and about 26 days of your time. Frankly, you will endure some discomfort, and may even face some danger.” #9 – Use a “false close” to create suspense. It’s a classic and it still works. Establish the value and desirability of your product without a doubt, but delay gratification for a few more paragraphs while piling on even more benefits.

The Truth About Doublers by David Congreave
... Before investing in any program, examine it carefully to see how income will be generated. If you knowingly involve yourself with a ponzi scheme, you run the risk of losing your investment, damaging your reputation, or even legal action. Immoral The modern Internet Marketer may well be familiar with money doubler programs and how they operate. Some Internet Marketers have written ill-advised articles that demonstrate the best way to profit from Doublers without losing your investment.

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