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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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The Point Behind Point & Figure by Thomas Mullooly
... If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our game plan, you need to call me immediately at the office. The number is 732-223-9000. Since the summer of 1998, there have been four times where the S&P 500 has returned 20% or more. And there have been four times where the S&P 500 has LOST 20% or more. In just seven years! But if you just sat there and “held on,” no real progress was made. You can look it up; you’re right where you stood in 1998.

History of the Computer - Artificial Intelligence - is it possible? by Tony Stockill
... An earlier design, of the 'Difference Engine' was intended to calculate various mathematical tables, such as Logarithmic tables, well known to students before the calculator came along. The idea was to perform reliable calculations, as the people currently handling the task, (known as computers) made many errors. ALAN TURINGAlan Turing, another English mathematician, born some 120 years after Babbage, advanced the field of the computing. Turing has been called the 'Father of Computer ...

Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Fundamentals by Rick Braddy
... If you do your pre-planning and have confidence in your game plan, along with an ability to observe the opponents and apply the proper techniques against different kinds of players, you’ll go far in Texas Holdem poker tournaments. So, there's your first set of Texas Holdem poker tournament strategies. I sure wish someone had condensed things down like this for me when I first started playing. It would’ve saved me years of learning it the hard way.

PDA's and Medical Software by Denny Knutson
... buck then anything else I have seen in 25 plus years of being a nurse and working in the Health Care field. If you are as busy as most of the Doctors and Nurses are today and you really need to be on top of your game, then I would invite you to check out these two sites and decide for yourself, as I have done, which of these programs, if not both, will best suite your needs. I use both and find most of the ER docs asking me questions because I am able to quickly look things up with the PDA.

Coaching Every Play! by Jeffrey Summers
... Restaurant number 1, (let’s call it my restaurant) has a GM/Owner who, like the great Coach on a very good football team, is on the sidelines watching every play, calling the plays, Coaching the team through the series of plays that will lead to winning the game, and living the game through the actions of his team, one play at a time. Ever see Don Shula on the sidelines? He had one of the most intense gazes. You would always find Coach Shula focused every play, kneeling, squatting or ...