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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Talking Gadgets For The Visually Impaired - Simplifying Life by Anmol Taneja
... These are a list of talking gadgets such as a talking microwave oven, talking measuring mugs, cook books on tape and a host of other talking cooking gadgets such as a container that makes a sound when the liquid is boiling or a cup that sounds an alarm when it is nearly full. Talking gadgets do not really mean that the gadgets talk English or something. The gadget just has to emit a sound that alerts the visually impaired person of an impending occurrence.

Technology Has Not Forgotten The Visually Impaired Gadgets Are Made To Help Visually Impaired by Anmol Taneja
... Apart from these high-tech gadgets for the visually impaired there are the day-to-day cooking gadgets such as the talking thermometer that can set off an alarm when the temperature of the food is just right or the measuring cups that do the same when the right level has been reached and our visually impaired friends have found companions in the elderly who like to share the gadgets that have been designed especially for themselves.

Putting it All Together: The search for a Pocket PC Phone by Michael A. Keenan
... Im talking about the full blown, why are you talking into your calculator? Pocket PC phones the uber-geek, pocket protector included kind of micro computer powerhouse. After all, Im married now and Im really not worried about public opinion or impressing anyone with my sleek, stylish, sexy new cell phone. Im hoping to spend around $300.00. I figure I can sell my iPAQ 2215 on eBAY for $200.00 and $100.00 for a new phone seems like a pretty good deal.

Nokia 6230i - Simple Yet Efficient Gadget by Alice Erin
... provides easy and quick access to the Cyber-world. The Nokia 6230i is an enhanced version of the Nokia 6230 and it also comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, which is further supported by a digital zoom perfect companion for perfect pictures. You can also play music, the way you like it on your very own Nokia 6230i. Its music player can support music in various formats comprising of MP3, AAC, M4A etc. So, make the most of your mobile life with this simple gadget, which promises a lot.

Mobiles Today by Andrena Markley
... fast data transfer possibility and help individuals to manage their lives. With their all these functionality, mobile phones today offer the chance to talk, access to internet, edit image and sound, check e-mail, all in one go. Assemblage of all these highly functional features have metamorphosed a palm-sized communication device into a multi-tasking essential gadget. The technology and the usability of the mobile phones have resulted into formation of emotional bondage with their users.

Useful Information About Alarms by Richard Romando
... flashlights, touch screen functions, talking calendars and many other things. They are trendy, functional and they are everywhere. The use of alarms has increased so much and has become so indispensable that we even have alarms that go off in our cell phones, TVs, and other electronic gadgets. Alarms come in different types for different purposes. You have bedside alarm clocks, fire alarms, and home and burglar alarms. There are a huge number of models available in each of these categories.

Nokia N95: A Multimedia Fantasy Comes True by Martin Dev
... needs have also been taken care of through features like calendar, calculator, conference calling and document viewer. Nokia N95 comes with a handsfree speaker which allows the user to talk on the phone with out having to hold the handset. Nokia N95 offers you advanced internet options of HSDPA, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and a WAP browser. Wifi or wireless LAN is the latest word in the wireless protocol today. Only available in some special 3G phones, it is a cutting-edge technology.

Love, Uncles, and Etymology by Arnold Romanofski
... One day when most of the family was home, Andrew, now a clear-eyed six-year old who was stretching up in height, said, Uncle Brad, lets talk about important science stuff now! When I heard this, tears rimmed my eyes. I had said the exact same words to my Uncle Steve when I was a child. My thoughts went skyward and rested on heaven. I had come full circle since my Uncle Steve entered my life. He was a teacher and had inspired me to learn important science stuff when I was a kid.

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