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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Review of Car Rental Abroad by Matthew Sund
... that need be left in the automobile, any additional insurance required (check this before you go - you might already be covered), any extra mileage that you make and of course, any taxes (especially at the airports). This can get quite complicated, take a calculator with you or simply take your time going through it with the automobile rental salesperson to assure you fully understand it, although it is much, much better to go on the internet and research all off this before you go.

Oil and Gas Offshore Construction Field Engineer & What They Do by Sulaiman Sabur
... He is to ensure that the details included in the installation procedures are fully understood and properly applied by the Construction personnel and that all project preparation is in order. He is to work close liaison with the CSR and the construction Superintendent to advise on the technical aspect related to the project. He coordinates and requests from the construction superintendent or the Barge Foreman any resources required by his subordinates.

Finding a Mall Parking Spot Using Mathematics - Part I by Joe Pagano
... A good and solid understanding of basic geometry, arithmetic, and algebra can go a long way toward understanding many fundamental laws of nature and even permitting a high degree of general problem solving abilities. People are always amazed when I explain to them how I can tell time at the beach using the sun, or use probability to make general predictions, or to do seemingly amazing human calculator multiplications in my head. Yet all these feats are quite achievable even for the ordinary ...

Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Fundamentals by Rick Braddy
... To do this, knowing your opponents, understanding what kinds of hands they play, whether they’ll fold when bluffed, and knowing when it’s time to lay down your hand to simply survive and play another is crucial. The alternative is to do what many players do - just leave most everything to chance and play the game in a random, unpredictable fashion with whatever hands you’re dealt; a.k.a. “gambling”. They say "those who fail to plan, plan to fail", and that “hope is not a strategy” – a ...

Understanding a Stock's PEG Ratio by Chris Perruna
... If the PEG ratio is equal to one, it means that the market is pricing the stock to fully reflect the stock's EPS growth. This is "normal" in theory because, in a rational and efficient market, the P/E is supposed to reflect a stock's future earnings growth. If the PEG ratio is greater than one, it indicates that the stock is possibly overvalued or that the market expects future EPS growth to be greater than what is currently in the Street consensus number.

Designing Technology: Making the Leap by Jamie Monberg
... The exponential growth in circuitry described by Moore's Law (which celebrated its 40th anniversary in April), has outpaced a concomitant understanding of how to humanistically design these extra circuits into our lives. The drive to harness technology’s full potential should be tempered with restraint and good design. Consider the iPod. Its success has little to do with Apple’s unique or cutting-edge technology—it’s a hard drive with earphones. iPod is successful because it conveys a big ...

Children With Learning Disabilities by Aaron Schwartz
... But on the other hand, the programmed learning can never fully replace the teacher. It always must consider and define what students should be able to do at the end of the program. Nevertheless, in situations of assessment for children with learning disabilities it will be very useful. The matter is that it can help to avoid some stressful situations and can give children more time for thinking. It also will give them the opportunity of using dictionary, thesaurus and a calculator, that is ...

Could Your Area Support Another Local Newspaper? by Jim Sutton
... Do they understand the importance of consistent and effective advertising? Do they have realistic expectations? As you develop a clearer picture of your area and how well the local people and the businesses that serve them are being represented by the local printed media. Demographic InformationAnother step I would encourage is to check out the specific demographics of your area. Always take such information with the proverbial grain of salt. But you may be surprised to learn some of the ...

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