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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Advancing Technology Through Mice by Andy Alt
... and also will change how the world communicates, and how business is performed. There will be a radical jump in culture world-wide because most misunderstanding will immediately be made clear through instantaneous verbal and visual communication. An increased feeling will surface causing us to realize that we all live on the same planet. Soon after, family members will begin to feel that each member is related to the other. Once mice have developed, changing their name might be in order.

Wedding Planner Software: What Program Features Should You Be Looking For? by Rose Smith
... You will need to make sure there is room enough for families and friends to sit together. Arranging the tables within the room is also a task that needs to be carefully planned out. You don’t want people crowded together at your tables, plus there should be sufficient space between tables so staff can serve the dinner easily. Guest List Planner – Keeping track of who you are inviting is very important so that you can budget for food, bridal favors, the amount of space needed for the ...

Eating Disorders: Maybe It's Time for a Little Political Correctness by Maria Dorfner
... But maybe an open dialogue is needed with clinicians, educators and patients about this topic and whether the term is psychologically detrimental to recovery or to reaching out to friends, family or significant others who may be suffering. It would be interesting to ask patients how the term makes them feel. I'm thinking the majority of them will say, "It makes me feel like there is something wrong with me -- like I'm defective." A google search on disorders pulls up an A to Z laundry list ...

Barriers to Healthy Diets -- Removing them is not as hard as you think by Michael Smith, MD
... Our friends and family influence our lives more than we like to admit. They affect our decisions, choices, moods, behavior, and weight . During medical school, I worked in a weight loss clinic to make some money. I will never forget the level of influence a spouse or friend could have on a patient. Several times, I saw first hand someone, other than the patient, make the dieting decisions. At this level of influence, our peer groups can make a big impact on eating a healthy diet.

Ten Weight Loss Tips to Ensure Victory in the New Year's "Battle of the Bulge" by David Petersen
... If you cant afford this service, recruit the assistance of a friend or family member to offer moral support and motivation. 3. Know Your EnemyTo go into battle with no knowledge of the enemy is guaranteeing defeat. With the guidance of your “officer”, or on your own, find out information on fat loss. This may involve doing some homework on fat metabolism and basic nutrition. Learn about how to “identify” the enemy by being able to recognize fattening foods and bad carbohydrates and research ...

Photos Are Words by Rohn Engh
... Get your family involved in helping to keyword your images. Many photographers have had 95% of their slides returned from former stock agencies now taken over by Corbis, Getty, Jupiter, et al. How important are these historical images? Unhappily, too often photographers will retire their large collection and forget about it as a lost cause. You’ll get an idea of what a mistake that is by taking a glance at what Corbis has bought collections for in the past.

Is A Premium Dog Food Really That Much Better For Your Dog? by Carolyn Schweitzer
... But in general you'll know if your friend is doing well on the diet you're feeding him. If you see signs that he isn't, try a different formula or another brand of premium dog food. Introduce new foods gradually , especially if you have a picky eater. And while we're on that subject, it's always nice if your dog enjoys eating his food. This has a lot less to do with taste than it does with smell. Dogs have fewer taste buds than we do, but about 40 times as many scent receptors.

Political Jokes Topped in Florida - Politician Humor by Lindsey Williams
... He was a friend of mine; and, Governor, you’re no Thomas Jefferson.”Florida KillerIn the game of politics, successful attacks cloaked in humor are known as “killers.” The all-time masterpiece is a legendary leaflet supposedly devised by Florida Congressman George Smathers to defeat Sen. Claude Pepper in 1950. It was delivered to rural Floridians and was said to be a significant factor in Smathers’ victory:“Are you aware that Claude Pepper is known all over Washington as a shameless extrovert?

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