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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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The GED Math Test: About the Casio fx-260 Calculator by Leonard Williams
... So calculator skills aren't just important for GED students; knowledge of scientific calculators is important to everyone engaged in today's rapidly progressive technological society. Here are some basics to understand about the Casio fx-260: Learn the location of the keys. Learn the functions that the keys perform. Use the 'On' button to reset the calculator, or to clear the memory. How to use the 'Clear' and 'All Clear' buttons or functions to clear the last number entered or memory.

The Science Museum: Not Just A Tourist Hotspot by Andrew Regan
... But the Science Museum doesn't simply provide a place for children to learn and play amongst some of the world's most important scientific developments: it also opens up forums for controversial scientific debate. The Dana Centre, a groundbreaking urban bar and café, was opened in 2003 in an annex to the Museum, and is currently the UK's only dedicated scientific discussion venue for adults. As an integral part of the National Museum of Science and Industry (which includes York's National ...

College in the Fifties by Kenneth Hoffman
... They duplicated my Freshman year courses: Scientific German II, American History II and Physics II. All featured the same professors. The physics classes were held in the same temporary building as last year (the new one was being built) and the same interview with the Dean resulted. But this time it was final. No scholarship. Back at home, a talk with my dad revealed that my education was last on his list (his words) and grandma would not donate one penny much less four thousand dollars.

Is Zone Diet a Fad? by Lulia Pascanu
... It relies on testimonials and success stories rather than scientific proof Dr. Sears says "Let me be a little more specific about the rewards you'll reap from staying in the Zone" ("Enter the Zone", p. 4). A few paragraphs later he tells the happy stories of Steve Courson (a famous National Football League player in the late 1970's), his teammate John Corb and Dr. Chris Kyriazis, head of European Marketing for IBM. I believe these examples are not specific but unusual.

Soapmaking Recipes - What Goes Into A Good One? by Lisa Chambers
... Now this all might sound like an awful lot of trouble and mathematics, but thankfully there are free lye calculators that help you figure out the final estimates of not just per oil, but your entire recipe! Good thing too because all that time with a calculator would have driven me batty by now! One really great lye calculator that is one of my favorites when it comes to sitting down o formulate recipes is the SoapCalc. Exceptions and SuperfattingWhen I first began soapmaking I was a ...

Love, Uncles, and Etymology by Arnold Romanofski
... When given a free gadget, I promptly shipped it to niece or nephew. I sent them pens, penlights, magnets, popping buttons, cheap watches, postcards, and other thingamabobs. Because the closest kids lived over 200 miles away from me, the mail was often the only way for me to make my existence known to them. What excited responses I got! Several times I received calls from children giggling with delight and thanking me for the gifts that I sent them.

How to Experience a Lucid Dream by David Slone
... Many lay people are attracted to lucid dreaming because it offers an outlet for fantasy, an opportunity for adventure unfettered by the laws of physics or society, and free of risk. As such, lucid dreaming is for many a source of creative and inspiring recreation. Anecdotes indicate that lucid dreams are helpful for artistic creativity, problem-solving, and practicing skills for waking life (LaBerge & Rheingold, 1990). Dreams hold the most vivid mental images attainable by most people.

Is A Premium Dog Food Really That Much Better For Your Dog? by Carolyn Schweitzer
... It's the result of considerable research that has been published in scientific journals and accepted by industry experts. You can determine the right amount of food to feed your dog and find out how long that 40-lb bag will last! Supplements If you're all ready feeding a nutritionally complete premium dog food, do you still need supplements? This is another hotly debated topic. As a rule, it seems that most dogs do just fine without supplements .

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