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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Article written by Majelis Abu Hamid

Free Money-Making Program - Monetizing The Net And Equalizing Prosperity

The Heroes of the Internet World

Assuming that everything runs as expected, in the near future there will be great heroes coming out of the Internet world who will be hailed throughout the world. Who are they? No, they are not Santa Claus(es). They are the founding members of a free money-making program. When this article was written (March 18, 2007) there are thousands of people all over the world who are excitedly waiting for the official release of this Program's Viewbar which will add the screen features of million computers of its members world wide and at the same time add to their source of income while surfing the Internet. Since November 2006 the founding members of this program have been working hard to build the so-called Economic Network. Various ways, both online and offline are used by the members to grow their network. Up to this time (March 18, 2007) there is one member who has gathered over 25,000 downlines in less than 4 months. Translated into monetary unit using the Program’s Online Calculator, it will give him or her (This member prefers to remain anonymous, possibly “him” since his title is Mr.) more than US $100,000.00 monthly. It will be a truly shocking and nerve-racking news to many established millionaires who have been working so hard and spending so much to earn their fortune, because this person spends very little or almost none if you exclude the fee to get access to the Internet.

New Concept of Internetting

Going on line or surfing the Internet to many citizens of the world, especially those of the under developed and developing or the third world, equals to going to a big mall. By that statement, the author wants to emphasize the fact that to many people of this class, going online is on their lowest priority list. Why do you have to go to a mall if you get nothing to spend or if you cannot afford even to pay the bus fare to go there. All this time, the access to the Internet belongs to those people who are able to pay for it and the Internet itself belongs to a limited number of the Internet geniuses wearing the clothes of ISP (Internet Service Providers), Internet Industrialists, and Online Merchants. For the majority of the Internet users, it is merely a means of information searching, long distant communication by email, chatting, video conference, alternative entertainment in the forms of online gaming, audio and video streaming, and education in the form long distant schooling. It is very unlikely that these people will feel that they own the Internet.

The coming of this free money-making program will change the way people view the Internet and the true Power of Networking. More people will be invited to use the Internet since they know that this modern facility offers them a new source of income without having to invest much beyond the fee to get access to the Internet Service. At this difficult time where million of people are jobless, an opportunity offered by this program is truly like an oasis in a vast desert. Where else can you go to be paid while doing something you really like doing even for nothing? This free money-making program is possibly the only answer to that question, at least for the time being.

Positive Impacts Brought by A Free-Money Making Program

The presence of a free money-making program will certainly bring many positive impacts on the whole world. Among those impacts which can clearly be seen and predicted to happen in the near future are:

1. There will be more people attracted to use the Internet for economic reasons, which is good for boosting the activities of interstate economic relationship and distributing welfare and prosperity throughout the world.

2. As more people use the Internet, it will be more appreciated as a an effective medium of advertising, communication, business, information searching and dissemination, and hopefully education for the citizens of the whole world.

3. The problem of digital divide will hopefully be resolved as more and more governments realize the importance of the Internet for the improvement of their citizens’ quality, welfare, and prosperity.

4. The Internet will hopefully be an agent of equalizing of information, education, economy, welfare, and prosperity.

The statement “You Own the Internet.” seems to be logical when applied with the concept that this free money-making program is going to implement soon. It is very much expected that more positive uses of the Internet will be realized and negative uses will be minimized.
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