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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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How to Survive the Final Year of GCSE Mathematics by N Pinhey
... It is usually a good thing to finish early, but it has been known that by finishing too early some students relax too much and concentrate on their other subjects that they haven't yet finished! More of a problem is when the syllabus is finished too late – so not enough school time is available for revision. OUR ADVICE: Students should ask their teacher politely when the syllabus will be finished - students can then plan revision time accordingly and see which subjects will need more ...

Are You Measuring The Right Outcomes? by Dr. Yvonne LaMar
... How much time is needed to determine when something is working or not working? There is no key to answering those questions. Your comfort level will determine how much of a risk you want to take. It will also determine when you do your measurements. I developed a terrible habit a few years ago. I learned to do all of my banking and trading on the internet and I became obsessed with the movement of money. I put a lot of energy into trying to do the right things but all it did was cause anxiety.

Working At Home With Toddlers by Elaine K. Stephen
... Yes, the work goes a little slower but my son gets the extra love and attention he needs and the best part is he gets bored within 20 minutes and goes off on his own to find something more interesting to do while I finish the work that has to be done! 7. End The Work Day Right! Select something that your toddler can do that symbolizes the end of your work day and the start of your evening with him! I allow my son to turn off the computer monitor.

Remodeling Costs: How to Control How Much You Spend by Dan Fritschen
... Often, the general contractor will do the framing, install the doors and windows, do the finish work, install fixtures and then subcontract with others to do the rest of the work. General contractors typically will provide a fixed bid for your project based on their management of the job and subcontractors, and may charge you additionally for time and materials for the actual work they perform. They will include in their fixed bid a fee for their management time, and possibly will mark up ...

Planning Your DIY Project by Alan Woodbridge
... It is important to understand what motivational strategy works best for you, and use it consistently. Have a clear goal in mind all the time while you are on the project. Asking yourself two simple questions - "what will happen if I do?" and "what will happen if I don't?"- is one effective motivational technique. This is especially true in the case of DIY, where your actions or lack thereof are likely to have immediate - and tangible - results. 8.

Amazing Benefits Of Mental Math by Shilpa Rao
... In countries like India lot of times some children are unable to finish the exam papers because they are slow at calculating. And in India, children are not allowed to use tools such as calculators during high school years to prevent children from becoming dependent on such gadgets. Today, there are two other formal methods available for us as well as children to learn math. Two formal methods that can change a child's perception of boring math to fun and exciting math.

Maximize Your Priorities by Brian Tracy
... Much stress that people experience in their work lives comes from working on low-priority tasks. The amazing thing is that as soon as you start working on your highest-level activity, all your stress disappears. You begin to feel a continuous stream of energy and enthusiasm. As you work toward the completion of something that is really important, you feel an increased sense of personal value and inner satisfaction. You experience a sensation of self-mastery and self-control.

How To Turn A Major Blunder At Work Into A Career Advancement Opportunity by Tayo Solagbade
... It was painful – and embarrassing – to see the idle men and machines waiting all night for me to get a new stock of beer for them to continue the work they were paid to do! Just before my shift ended the next morning, I was able to send one full tank to packaging so bottling resumed as the morning duty brewer took over. By then however, the damage had been done. My inability to keep the lines going had meant the brewery’s chances of meeting the bottling volume target for the week had been ...

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