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Sunday, March 18, 2018
Article written by Celia Namart

Finding The Perfect Christmas Gifts

When Christmas comes along everyone is in a rush to find some nice presents to all the family, and sometimes even to the close friends, this is usually a very difficult task, not only do you have to think and come up with something to get to al the people that you know (and their boyfriends and husbands) but you should also expect a significant blow to your bank account, let me say it load and clear, charismas is fun but I usually end up in financial ruins after its over, and then I need to go celebrate the new year…

There is a solution for this situation, mostly in the preparation and research field, there are many people who prepare for Christmas way in advance, they look around for gifts in the summer and take advantage of early sales, so when the winter arrives they already have most of their gifts ready and hidden away somewhere. If you want to avoid that crazy last few days and the embracing five hours before the charismas dinner where you always have to look for a warping paper you will do well to learn a few of the thing I am going to say.

Most of us are not as orderly and well panned like those people who shop five months in advance, but we can all remember that we need to shop for a few people, and start early, look for discount shops in your area and try and think about each person you are buying the gift for, if you have some idea of what they like you can try a specialty shop once or twice way before its even November, and get yourself a perfect gift for half the price. For example I got my dad a golf club that was on sale in the end of October, this was his best Christmas gift ever, and it cost me half the price because I found in on sale.

If you are buying for a large group of people you will obviously like to group your shopping, try and think of the cooking enthusiasts, the movie lovers, the book readers, the golfers and the kids, these can all be shopped for in about 5 shops, and you can finish this whole ordeal in a few hours, but wait for the best part. You need to plan your shopping so you wouldn’t go broke, so the idea is to buy the charismas gifts from the end of October, meaning you will have three distinct month to pay for the gifts and not one or two months, this will give you the air you need, and will allow you to monitor your shopping and budget better.

One more thing, it is very important that if you shop for kids you should start with them, the main reason is that if you are shopping for the kids and you will get a good gift it does no longer matter what you get the parents, if you managed to make the kids happy, your hit your home run. The other reason for shopping for the kids gifts first is that this may become a large part of your expenses, so its better to have it out of the way first and then run the calculator once again and rethink the budget. Happy holidays!
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