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Thursday, March 22, 2018
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History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... Homepage of AOL Canada AOL Canada’s homepage presents a variety of features to make search and web surfing easier for its users. Some features presented on its main page are: a sign in for AOL instant messenger, mail, parental control, reminders and calendar etc. It has a section for “Shopping online” which gives its users an option to choose the specific item they are shopping for. “Web channels” feature gives users a chance to search the web for careers, auto, entertainment, health news, ...

Mobile Phones Multitasking Gadgets by Martin Dev
... video streaming and TV programming to cell phones. Time is not too far to see phones playing the role of a TV. Network providers are restructuring their usability component and planning to offer customers a single bill for all services including TV, wireless, broadband. They are on the lookout to simplify cell phone interfaces so that users can easily navigate and feel comfortable using their phones. Gradually mobile phones are gearing up to play the role of a multitasking gadget.

5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website by Yaro Starak
... All these services take time to build up the appropriate critical mass of users. However once your community tools take off the value they provide is hard to beat. People enjoy interacting with other people and if they are doing it on your site then you have more time to show them advertisements or convince them to join a list etc. 5. ResourcesA database driven resource can add sticky power to your site keeping visitors busy mining your data or reading through your resources.

Cheap UK Broadband Providers Review by Andy J
... If you aren't sure of how much bandwidth you consume per month, use a 'Bandwidth Usage Calculator'. Most UK broadband providers have one of these at their Web sites - giving you an indication of what broadband package you need to sign up for. Where to Find the Cheapest Broadband Deals? Generally speaking, it is the larger broadband companies who offer the best value broadband deals. Be sure to check more popular ISPs - BT, UK Online, Tesco, AOL, Wanadoo, Virgin broadband and others.

UK Broadband Bandwidth Limits - 3 Essential Tips by Andy J
... If you know you are a high bandwidth user - be very sure to find out how they deal with those with heavy bandwidth requirements. Most ISPs don't like you using excessive amounts of bandwidth during peak times - EG: 6 PM - 10 PM weekdays, 10 AM - 4 PM at Weekends. 3. Use A Bandwidth Calculator. You can make a guesstimate of your monthly broadband requirements, by using one of the many broadband bandwidth calculators available online. Simply estimate how much of each activity you perform ...

Incredible Xp Tips You Wish You Knew Before You Read This, Part II by Joseph M. Pisano
... Useful RL commands for the novice and end-user: (These commands are every-day, useful commands that everyone can use) BOLD: Will only work if additional software has been installedWeb-browsers: iexplore Opens Internet Explorer firefox Opens FirefoxApplications: calc Opens the Window’s Calculator excel Opens Microsoft Excel frontpg Opens Microsoft Frontpage msimn Opens Outlook Express nero Opens Nero notepad Opens Microsoft Notepad outlook Opens up Microsoft Outlook pbrush ...

Eating Disorders and the Internet by Dr. Angela Lewis
... For example in some cases, the younger sufferers can be observed to personalise their illness and naming her “Ana” (or “Mia” for girls with symptoms of buli mia ), and some girls even worship her as a type of ‘deity’:I tried to recover once & I gained so much weight so my savior mia came back to rescue me just when i needed it most (Anon Bulimic) Pro-Ana Websites and SupportI found there to bedegrees of Pro-Ana websites. While some did not acknowledge the possibility of recovery, others ...

Handspring Treo 650: Best Smartphone by Bradley Ben
... This new Smartphone model delivers improvements that will enhance the experience for most users. The Handspring Treo 650 has a changeable battery and uses flash memory. The VGA camera is far better in low light and much more crisp overall, than the Treo 600. If your business currently supports the Treo 600 or other palm One PDAs for your mobile workforce, you need a compelling upgrade to Treo 650. You would be more than satisfied with the 650 as a combination phone, PDA, and text-messaging ...

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