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Saturday, March 17, 2018
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A Look Into The Future Of The Headset Industry In North America And Beyond by Melissa Vokoun
... While this proliferation and availability of headset products in the market has benefited these retail and e-commerce suppliers, many customers do not find the same level of satisfaction as would be found in working with organizations who are well-versed at recommending products and assisting in the integration of these hands-free products that meet each particular workers' application. Another consideration is the fast-growing usage of headsets with cell phones.

Attracting Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth by Ron Adler
... Give-Away Tip When choosing a promotional item give-away, think about the end user and the item's longevity. Giving away a light-up ball or toy is sure to be given to a child when the visitor returns home. That may keep the item in front of your prospect at home, but if you're a business-to-business company, it's not the ideal place to have them think of you. Choose items that can be used at work for an extended period of time. Some tried and true favorites are pens and pencils, post-it ...

Using Google by Nowshade Kabir
... Much to her dismay, she could not find the calculator and started to fumble through her computer programs in her attempt to find Microsoft calculator. I noticed that she was online and the browser was open. I, politely, asked her whether she knew that Google could actually calculate most common mathematical expressions. It came out to be, she did not! She was just amazed after trying it herself. Google is even capable of unit conversion! Give it a try!

Computer...Take A Letter... A Speech Recognition Update by Grant Fairley
... Most speech products are still “speaker dependent” – one user’s voice at a time for dictation but “speaker independent” for command and control. It doesn’t need to know your voice to be accurate for most users. The holy grail of speech recognition is speaker independence for dictation – where it doesn’t matter who is speaking – the computer will interpret you correctly. Just like on Star Trek. But speech recognition for the PC is only a small part of the speech story.

Free Money-Making Program - Monetizing The Net And Equalizing Prosperity by Majelis Abu Hamid
... For the majority of the Internet users, it is merely a means of information searching, long distant communication by email, chatting, video conference, alternative entertainment in the forms of online gaming, audio and video streaming, and education in the form long distant schooling. It is very unlikely that these people will feel that they own the Internet. The coming of this free money-making program will change the way people view the Internet and the true Power of Networking.

Tools for the ‘Sucstressed’ by Roxie Hickman
... Instant messages can be sent to other Turbo Note users, and you can set up a hot-link to your often accessed files. Need to do some math? Turbo-Note also has a calculator function. I’ve only been using Turbo Notes a short time and already this little program has made a big impact. I'm sure there are other uses I haven't discovered yet. What I do know is that Turbo-Note is easy to install, easy to use, and there is a free trial version. Trax Time There are solo business owners, believe it ...

History of End User Programming by Peter Hale
... 2000sRecent, present and future research can enable the use of semantic web technologies, (developed from HTML by Tim Berners-Lee [23] and others), to enable End User Programming. This fusion of research and technologies is illustrated by Henry Lieberman's home page [12] which has explanations of both areas of research. Examples of this fusion include Protégé [22], Jena [16], TopBraid Composer [24], and OpenCyc [18]. Information about these technologies is available in my semantic web page -

Nokia 5300 – Music to Your Ears by Jawahn Thompson
... Nokia didn't consider that some users would be swapping SD cards, apparently, because it's located beneath the battery. If you don't take your cards in and out often, you won't find this to be problematic. If you are change cards often, though, you might want to keep a thin screwdriver handy. I can't tell you about the Nokia 5300 without spending a few words on the Bluetooth feature. The infrared port is convienantly located on the side of the phone, making synching simple.

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