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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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A Look Into The Future Of The Headset Industry In North America And Beyond by Melissa Vokoun
... research, the industry is ripe for a consulting firm to focus exclusively on the headset industry. There are many established consulting firms that focus on assisting their customers on telecommunications billing, or consult on the purchasing and implementation of ACDs – Call Center telephone switch equipment (Automatic Call Distributors), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), CRM (Customer Relations Management software solutions) and all aspects of Call Center Human Resource functionality.

Achieve Long Term Business Success By Having The Right Reasons / Motives by Tayo Solagbade
... Gates - as I learnt from a Newsweek magazine interview I once read - has a personal vision to "evangelise" to the world, the "gospel of software development" as it were. From CEO, he now plays the role of a chief visionary, for the Microsoft company - influencing how/where new developments in the business should go, and bringing in capable hands to complement his efforts as necessary. On a different front, he is also working hard on the "..Bill Gates foundation to help people around the world.

How Do I Know If I've Been Bugged? by Monty Henry
... High Threat Business Situations * Your company has stock, which is publicly traded (or will be soon) * Your company is having labor problems, union activities, or negotiations * Your company is involved in any type of litigation or lawsuit * Your company has layoffs pending (or they have just happened) * Your company is involved in the fashion, automotive, advertising, or marketing industry Anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping, however; some people are under greater risk than ...

History of World / Regional Search Engines and Directories by Julie Wartes
... The company is a strategic alliance between American Online, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner and RBC Royal Bank, the personal and commercial banking division of RBC Financial, one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies. This alliance took place on July, 1999. The company operates three interactive online services tailored to the Canadian marketplace, AOL English and French services, CompuServe and Netscape Online as well as several leading ...

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