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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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How to Build an Effective ROI Calculator by Glenn Clowney
... ROI Basics: Return on Investment (adjusted for the time value of money) Return on Investment (ROI) is the most popular financial metric when you need to compare the attractiveness of one business investment to another. Your return on investment equals the present value of your accumulated net benefits (gross benefits minus ongoing costs) over a specific time period divided by your initial costs. It is expressed as a percentage over a certain amount of time; for this example we will assume ...

My Way Or The Highway: Give Your Financial Professionals A Good Talking To! by Martin Thomson
... The main point here, is that the "professionals" are in charge, so they get paid first, and in some cases-the most. You gave them the power over your money by signing their forms. They scooped the cream off, even though ITS YOUR MONEY that did the work. Its easy to understand if you will just be willing to be honest with yourself. Investing is alot of fun. Especially when you know a few things about it. I have alot to tell you about these issues, so keep an eye out for my articles here, or ...

Term Life Insurance Information Sources by Donny Lowy
... A certified financial planner is a great source of information and professional guidance. He can make recommendations based on your personal situation. Opt for a financial planner who is compensated by you and not the insurance company. If he receives a commission from the insurance company he might be swayed towards recommending an insurance product based on his potential commission. Term Life Insurance Source #6 Search engines. Search online and you will see thousands of sites that offer ...

Fundamentals Of Six Sigma Training by Tony Jacowski
... Organizations can develop their own training institutes, but this can further complicate the financial health of an organization that is already running short of funds. The best option then is to select the most cost-effective training program for the employees. Given below are some of the basics that a good Six Sigma training program should always have: 1. The training program should cover important Six Sigma methodologies such as DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) and ...

Setting Investment Goals by Sarah Freeland
... To investigate these products you can review their performance history, you can talk to the company that offers the product, and you can read through the product’s promotional material. The final step in setting investment goals is to talk to an investment professional. They will be able to tell you what investment products are best for achieving your investment goals. They will also be able to tell you how viable the investment products you have selected are.

TPM and Lean Production, is It Worth the Effort? by Oskar Olofsson
... The main cost will consist of:Training and ConsultancyNo successful implementation of TPM and Lean Production has succeeded without the help of experienced professionals. You will have to train your employees and you need support in your project team. A good estimation is a yearly cost of $100.000 per 100 employees involvedIncreased initial maintenance costsElimination of manufacturing wastes and implementation of improvement ideas are likely to increase the maintenance costs.

Yes You Can Trade Stocks and Options Like a Pro by Anatole Raif
... Some work best with stocks, while others are better suited for derivative trading (options, futures, etc…). All of them are anti-martingale strategies where the size of the position goes up as your account size grows. For a much more in depth discussion of money management systems and position sizing I recommend reading “Trade your way to financial freedom” by Van K. Tharp. Yes you can trade stocks and options like a pro. You just need to focus on managing risk the way professionals do.

Beginning Real Estate Investing - Four Tools You Must Have by Tom Dunn
... you, will shorten your learning curve considerably. There are other tools that I think are important for beginning real estate investing, such as business cards, bandit signs, lock boxes, and a tape measure, but none of them are what I would call indispensable. The four tools I mentioned- financial calculator, flashlight, cell phone, and personal computer - are the things I strongly recommend as you are beginning real estate investing. Want more? Find it atBeginning Real Estate Investing .

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