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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Financial Planners by Dan Noyes
... "Financial planners are like dentists: they may occasionally inflict pain, but in the end, you will be better off for following their advice!” Whoever wrote these lines must have either been a financial planner or someone who relied heavily on planners for finance management. We all know that planning our finances is vital. Why, then, do most people stall the process? Perhaps visions of being buried under balance sheets and calculators plague you, and ultimately tempt you to put off your ...

Family Life Insurance Companies by Steve Valentino
... Most financial planners recommend that families have insurance coverage equal to five to nine times of the gross annual income of the household. If you have children, it should be close to nine times higher. As your family grows and your income increases, you need to review your coverage to make sure it meets your needs. Most online family life insurance companies will help you determine how much life insurance you need by providing worksheets and calculators for you to work with.

Term Life Insurance Information Sources by Donny Lowy
... Opt for a financial planner who is compensated by you and not the insurance company. If he receives a commission from the insurance company he might be swayed towards recommending an insurance product based on his potential commission. Term Life Insurance Source #6 Search engines. Search online and you will see thousands of sites that offer free information, along with free term life insurance quotes.

Make Money Fast and Easy By Compounding It by Jack Reynolds
... Accountants, financial planners and advisors of all kinds prefer to toe this line. Even our grandparents and family betray our dreams by frowning on our desire to search for a legitimate way to make money the fast and easy way. Somehow there is a stigma to people searching for a simple way out. The wisdom is to work hard and long hours. To persevere and work your fingers to the bone for your money. Well, how important is money anyway? As long as it is legal and legitimate, then how wrong is ...

Compound Interest Doesn't Add Much To Your Wealth by Francis Kier
... The biggest gripe that I have with a few famous financial planners is their myth and awe of compound interest. They say, “compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the World according to Einstein, and will make you a million for your retirement if you’d only skip a few trips to your local coffee shop!!” In my opinion, compounding your return on investment is a tiny factor in wealth building compared to how much and how often you save money. Growth charts used by the people struck by ...

21 Simple Ways To Make More Money From Your Current Clients, Part 1 by Teri Mramer
... For example a planner with a time saving system or a calculator with a financial product 3. Give your customers a free subscription to your e-zine and include back end products in each issue. I recommend always telling your customers they will be added to your follow up list with the new emailing laws. You don't want to assume anything with email anymore. 4. Charge people extra money to get the reproduction rights. You can expand on this by offering a reprint rights and a master reprint ...

The Tax Payer as Gilligan by Kemberly Wardlaw
... Your financial planner can assist you in reviewing inflation trends, introducing inflation adjusted estimates for future income needs, managing tax efficient portfolios, and keeping an eye on government actions. While you cannot control the weather of our economy, preparing your S.S. Minnow for potential rough sailing is important. (As this episode ends and the closing credits roll, we rejoin the final verse of our amended Gilligan’s Island tune) … “So this is the tale of our inflation ...