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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Gifts For Guys by Ken Marlborough
... Each of us at some point in our lives wants to make our beloved ones feel special and let them know how much we really love them. Giving them a special present during special occasions or even not-so-special occasions can be very fulfilling on our part. However, though we may not admit it, we always want our gifts to be appreciated. So we think of certain ways how to make the receiver value the gift as well as the giver. In giving a gift to a person, you must consider this person’s gender, ...

Boyfriend Gift Ideas for this Christmas by Natalie Aranda
... You can feel it in the air, Christmas season is coming our way so before it can find you doing anything else, get ready to jot down your Christmas gifts list, because it is never too late or to early to write down gifts that you know will be loved this holiday season. Perhaps weird, or just odd, but every year we receive the same advice for plan ahead for our shopping time. In fact, more than often, we have in mind a series of Christmas gift ideas, but somehow we are caught before we could ...

Craft Show Organizing 101 by Lauren Sorgaard
... It’s a great way to sign people up for your mailing list. You might think about having samples to give away with your business card attached. Everyone likes something for free. If you do a newsletter, print some to give out in your merchandise bags. Hopefully you’ve found some tips here to help you and remember you started crafting because it was fun and you enjoy it, your show should reflect that. Have fun! Share your love of crafting! And smile…you are on your way!