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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Why You Must Have a Great Website! by Jack Martin
... Furthermore, Suddenly Senior reports that the over 50 age bracket has an average network almost twice that of the national average and they hold 70% of all money market accounts and certificates of deposit assets. An online survey of 1000 visitors to found that online consumers over 50 are eager to learn about new products and services and are tolerant, and often interested in online advertising,” according to the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine.

Retirement Planning Calculator - Who Needs Them by Tom Turner
... However; time flies by faster than you may think. All retirement planning calculators start with your current age, and then ask about your expected age of retirement. You might want to figure two calculations – one for the age of 55 and one for the age of 62. This will give you an idea if how long you may need to continue working. The rest of the fields in a retirement planning calculator will cover such things as your current income, desired income, and desired estate value.

Dump All That Fat You're Lugging Around! by Mike Cuggy
... Health experts estimate that Americans spend somewhere between $30 billion and $50 billion dollars a year on dieting and that doesn't include; prescription weight loss medications, medically supervised fasting programs, or surgical procedures like stomach stapling. (Neither does it include the billions spent on weight loss at health clubs and fitness centers.) The American Obesity Association reports that 60 million American adults are not just overweight, they're 'clinically obese'.

Christmas Gift Giving: What You Should Know About Last Minute Gifts by Janice Wee
... a few such gift cards and free gifts available at . Basically, you answer some questions in surveys and get a gift certificate or gift card or free gift in return for your participation. Now if you do this way before the deadline, you would have time to complete the survey, get the gift certificate, go to the store and get the gifts. You save even more money getting your gifts that way. That said, last minute gifts should be the last resort. Be wise and prepare your gifts ahead of time.

Compound Interest Doesn't Add Much To Your Wealth by Francis Kier
... If you don’t continually add to your accounts, they can not add up to much; “No big money in = No big money out.” And if you don’t continually accumulate investing skill and knowledge, you won’t be able to keep your money growing faster than inflation is destroying it. Please note that there are no books titled “How To Get Wealthy By Putting Some Money Under A Mattress.” Your money has to be invested and earning interest above the inflation rate or you are getting poorer.

Phone TV DSL Bundled Services & Package Deals by Daymon Hoag
... If you are looking to save money without sacrifice to quality, try bundling your own services. Depending on what is available in your area, you could be getting unlimited local plus long distance phone service, digital television service and broadband Internet for around 60 dollars a month. Just a few minutes of research could literally save you hundreds of dollars a year while still getting top notch products. Specifically speaking, Dish Network now offers satellite TV service for the ...

Are You Measuring The Right Outcomes? by Dr. Yvonne LaMar
... The church’s effort grew faster than expected or involved many tasks that no one anticipated. In my work with those churches, I find that the big picture of “helping humanity” blinds the decision makers to nurturing talent and reserving energy. Beginning with the end in mind is crucial, no one should lose sight of the goals. Bringing someone like me in to break down tasks and insert evaluation tools is also important, but its not nearly as exciting.

Market Research - Moving Beyond the Calculator (and a Case for Credibility Branding) by Jennifer McLean
... Publications only make money if there is circulation and a readership. Why you should care about that? Well, they are delivering content that readers care about. They are the barometer regarding what is important to your customer. So by reading and reviewing this content you can shortcut a lot of high end market research, it is right in front of your nose. Talking to editors and analyst is another way to glean this info. They speak with your competitors and your customers, they have a ...

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