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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Body Mass Index (BMI) Can't Measure Your Overall Health by Ian Mason
... David chuckles as he recounts the story of talking with his insurance company about insurance: “Before I went to see her, she must have thought I was a candidate for a heart attack. When I visited, she realized that I wasn’t about to have a heart attack, but I think she almost did!” In his spare time, David is a body builder. He lifts weights nearly every day, gets regular aerobic exercise in the forms of bicycling and karate, and eats well-balanced meals emphasizing lean meats, vegetables ...

Show Me The Money! by Paul Taylor
... Many start-up costs are one time costs such as a deposit on a utility connection or having a sign designed and placed on the building or marquee. However, many are recurring such as insurance premiums and monthly utility expenses. One business owner that I know said about start-up costs “you should add up everything that you think it will cost to get open and then at least double it, and you will be close to what it costs.” The lesson here is do not underestimate your initial expenses.

Log On For Health - Creating an Online Health Resource by Madison Lockwood
... And certainly, for those who do not currently have the benefits of a health insurance plan, the computer may be the only way to gather necessary advice. The best health websites are user-friendly and up-to-date. The goal should be to create a comfortable online environment that is helpful, interesting, and, above all, reliable. Often, visitors will log on when they have pressing questions or nagging concerns and they will expect concise answers in a matter of minutes.

Organization, the Key to Success by Michelle Dunn
... For example, use a different color for personal bills, business bills, receipts, insurance, website information, and anything else you might have. It makes it easy to know what is in each folder at a glance and is good at tax time when you need to have all of your receipts and invoices for your accountant. If you have an empty drawer, use it to store copy paper, printer ink or any office supplies you have, or use a plastic container. I have a printer stand next to my desk that has my ...

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