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Friday, April 27, 2018
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Creativity by Usman Paracha
... There are many man made things which works better than human body and mind. But they can not take the place of human being. You can not replace a human body with a computer after the body dies. But you can replace computer from a computer even better in some respects. Computers can not make the human minds better. Now close your eyes for five minutes and think as written below: You are on a most beautiful hill with grass everywhere and flowers of romantic pink colors spread here and there.

Achieving an Ambidextrous Mindset by C. Bailey-Lloyd
... Not only do we enable ourselves to exhibit and maintain peak human analytical performance, we are also allowing ourselves to receive our atmospheric conditions or situations with an open mind; which concurrently brings about resolve or ideas regarding those conditions or situations. Reflective thinking, NLP, Human Consciousness Studies, empowerment training and meditation are all superb tools to achieving an ambidextrous mindset; also known as whole brain thinking.

Explode Your World With Possibilities by Saleem Rana
... Thus, they overcame the social forces that compel most people to develop mediocre minds. In other words, the biological equipment is there for anyone to be highly intelligent. It just has never been used much. In many cases, it has been actively suppressed by negative environmental conditioning. You are much brighter than you think. Imagine what would happen if you were to start a program of mental cultivation? For example, each day, you can decide to be more creative with one aspect of ...

Future Shock - and Network Marketing Distributors by Nili Raam
... • The appearance of the "Homo Sapience" - 500,000 years ago • Start of agriculture – 10,000 years ago • Invention of writing and the wheel – 5,500 years ago • Creation of "City-state" in Greece – 3,200 years ago • Invention of print – 1436• Start of the industrial revolution - 1750• Invention of the car– 1769 • Invention of Telephone – 1870 • First "flying machines" – 1903 • Introduction of television – 1925 • Personal computer – 1975 • Mobile phone – 1985 • The Internet – 1990 ...

In Leadership, Results Are Limitless by Brent Filson
... To begin to understand how and why results-are-results are limitless, consider these facts: * In 1878, Jean Bouillaud, member of the French Academy of Sciences, said upon hearing a demonstration of Thomas Edison's phonograph, "It is quite impossible that the noble organs of human speech could be replaced ignoble, senseless metal." * In 1899, Charles H. Duell (Commissioner of U.S. Office of Patents.), urging President William McKinley to abolish his office, said,"Everything that can be ...

Death Calculator-How Long will You Live? by Barbara Kimmel
... FACT: Individuals that continually challenge their minds suffer fewer cognitive disorders. 10. Do you engage in some form of daily aerobic exercise such as swimming, jogging or biking? Yes = plus 2. No = 0. FACT: Exercising at one’s target heart rate strengthens the heart and boosts metabolism. 11. Do you eat a balanced diet, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains? Yes = plus 2. No = minus 3. FACT: Balanced dieters experience lower risk of both genetic and culturally related ...

Increasing Brain Power by Tim Bryce
... * HealthRegardless of how logical we believe we are, the brain is a physical organ greatly influenced by human health. If we are sick or in distress (perhaps due to the death of a loved one, a pending divorce, financial problems, etc.), it is difficult to focus on our work. The manager should monitor worker mental/physical health and take corrective action. For example, if someone is sick, get them to a doctor so they can begin to mend and become productive again.

Finding a Mall Parking Spot Using Mathematics - Part I by Joe Pagano
... Thus sitting by the mall waiting for an open spot (mind you the times we would go to the mall were usually on Saturdays when choice spots were rare, and I would always want to park in a particular area near Macy’s where spots were even more limited because of the smaller parking area), I began to make some basic assumptions and to cogitate deeply. Almost as by happenstance, I pieced together a rudimentary method, did some quick calculations and tested the underlying hypotheses.

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