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Saturday, March 17, 2018
Article written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Elementary School Gift Ideas

It's back to school season in the United States, and that also means it's time to go shopping. Lots of general school supplies are needed for kids this time of year, and many relatives or friends like to try and help out by giving gifts to get the school year started. Here are several great gift ideas for kids who are getting ready to start elementary school this year:

A Bicycle. Bikes are wonderful gifts for kids and most of them will adore you for giving them one. In some areas of the country, bikes are the primary transporation for elementary kids going to school.

Padlocks and Bike Locks. If you're looking for gift ideas for kids that already have a bike, consider buying them a bicycle lock and chain instead. These are particularly useful for kids who ride their bikes to and from school. If you're buying gifts for children who don't use their bikes to go to school though, you can still use this gift idea. Most of them still need some sort of padlock: For gym lockers, regular lockers, and even to lock their backpacks with.

Book Covers. These are one of the most frequently overlooked items needed for school children. They can be home made easily with paper gift wrapping, or even paper grocery bags. This is a fun way to spend time with a special child in your life, and that's a gift in and of itself.

If you're not able to spend the time making these though, or the child prefers something more "cool" or mainstream, book covers in a large variety of styles can be purchased at many stores, and they're excellent as last minute gifts.

Books and Games. Regardless the ages of the elementary children you want to buy gifts for, books and games are almost always a sure hit. Older children might like more "grown up" books, while younger children will enjoy books with pictures and drawings. Be sure not to buy books that are too simple for the reading level of the child you're buying gifts for though.

Games are another gift that's almost always welcomed by children at the elementary school age level. And thanks to the proliferation of interactive electronic games these days, there's a wide variety of interesting and stimulating games that make fun gifts.

Electronic Organizer. These are especially useful for - and appreciated by - older elementary school kids. Electronic organizers, or personal digital assistants, are excellent an excellent gift idea. These don't have to be expensive gifts at this age either, a starter Palm Pilot PDA goes for around $100 - not much more than the calculators many kids need for school these days.
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