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Monday, February 19, 2018
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The Science Museum: Not Just A Tourist Hotspot by Andrew Regan
... As an integral part of the National Museum of Science and Industry (which includes York's National Railway Museum and the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford), the Science Museum plays a crucial part in the scientific education of much of Britain's population. If you're hoping to visit the Science Museum, you're sure to find a range of London hotels located in South Kensington through a variety of online travel sites.

The GED Math Test: About the Casio fx-260 Calculator by Leonard Williams
... Understanding the keys to raise numbers to another power, and for exponentials -- 'EXP' key -- used in scientific notation. Does it look complicated? Sure, and the Casio calculator used for the GED test has additional functions that can be used for highly complex mathematical functions. But don't worry. While it seems like a lot to learn -- and to understand -- the test requires only basic knowledge and application of a few functions. And this knowledge will actually help test candidates ...

Power Travelling and Touring - 10 Factors in Enjoying Stuff by Raymond Strachan
... This may be of interest to anyone who is planning a trip, vacation or scientific expedition. A feeling of awe and incredulity is experienced during the first 6.5 minutes of immersion in the viewing experience. This is likely to continue for some time at a reduced level as you view and experience more. An appreciation of the effort, skill and/or the forces that came into play to create this Stuff. This will continue on each occasion you view or experience something new about the Stuff.

College in the Fifties by Kenneth Hoffman
... Back at home, a talk with my dad revealed that my education was last on his list (his words) and grandma would not donate one penny much less four thousand dollars. And this for her oldest grandson who was named (middle names of Charles Virgil) after her husband and great grandfather. She said that they wouldn't dare touch the principle, since they still had two homes to support and the country club and all. Now don't get the idea that I am at all bitter about this fiasco, just disappointed ...

The Notebooks Of Leonardo Davinci by Kevin Wilson
... Leonardo kept notebooks as a private journal, intentionally censoring his work from those who might irresponsibly use it (the tank, for instance). The writings remained obscure until the 19th century, and were not directly of value to the development of science and technology. In January 2005, researchers discovered the hidden laboratory used by Leonardo da Vinci for studies of flight and other pioneering scientific work in previously sealed rooms at a monastery in the heart of Florence.

Sanctifying the Psyche via Mantra Chanting by Shriram Sharma
... One must continuously chant the Mantra and in one round itself, one can clearly understand the results of this process in a scientific laboratory. If we hang an iron garter of 1 ton on a roof and keep banging a light cork (having a weight of 5 grams) on the garter, in a short time this garter will start trembling. This miracle is the result of continuous banging that manifests energy. If Mantras are chanted methodically, its results too are as above.