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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Texas Holdem Tournament Strategy - Poker Tournament Fundamentals by Rick Braddy
... If you project that image, know it, so you can trap them with a good hand – make the most of it, since that will definitely destroy your weak table image… In the first article, I let several aggressive players push me around a little early on, then limped in and dropped out on a few draws, so they all thought I was a tight, weak player and a good target for their aggressive style of play. Letting them push me around some, while not losing much to them, conditioned these aggressive players ...

Poker Calculator Types and the Security of Your Poker Bankroll by Marty Smith
... Big Poker Site is constantly on the lookout for such programs and enjoys the legal power to remove you from a table(s), confiscate your bankroll, and ban you from their site permanently. This however, is pessimistic. Let it be known though, that Mr. Big Poker Site has a huge investigation budget and will continue to throw money at this issue with the intent to seek and destroy you and those “Black Hat” programmers. They need to, because it’s their reputation at stake for fairness and image.

Where Computer Interfaces Are Going : 3D Beyond Games by Tristan Grimmer
... If you draw a bunch of dots on a piece of paper you will not be able to draw lines joining the dots in all possible configurations unless the lines cross (given some sufficiently large number of dots. I think 5 might do it). However, once you hit three dimensions, all configurations are possible without crossings. Adding a fourth or fifth doesn't have any further beneficial effect. Admittedly there is some hand-waving going on here; but the result has implications for some possible ...

Pixel Art by Eric Hartwell
... The most common technique in pixel art, also called ‘pixelating’ by some, is to draw an outline first. From there, solid colors are introduced, and from this point, slightly lighter or darker colors are added to produce sub-tones. File sizes are the best attribute of a pixel art- they are extremely low. Another high point is that it can appear 3D, in games that can not support such features. The art form has become increasingly popular for ‘retro’ looks and lack of power in mobile phones.

Poker Calculator Report: Hold'em Indicator, A New Standard by Marty Smith
... track of players while you sit out for a period. The opponent stats window will indicate a player's profile based on several calculations including VPIP, aggression, and show downs wins. After collecting 50 hands of data, Hold’em Indicator will assign a graphic image to you and your opponents. Some interesting icons include a time bomb, eagle, elephant, fish and yield sign. While the software is collecting this, it is also summing the table as a whole giving you a snap shot of the action.

The Notebooks Of Leonardo Davinci by Kevin Wilson
... He drew many images of the lungs, mesentery, urinary tract, sex organs, and even coitus. He was one of the first who drew the fetus in the intrauterine position (he wished to learn about "the miracle of pregnancy"). He often drew muscles and tendons of the cervical muscles and of the shoulder. He was a master of topographic anatomy. He not only studied the anatomy of human, but also of other beings. It is important to note that he was not only interested in structure but also in function, ...

Five Neat, Free Software Programs by Douglas Hanna
... #4: Here's a program that allows you find, download, share and publish audio and video files, computer games, images, photos and just about any document. It's a P2P (peer to peer) program called iMesh and it includes a community of millions of registered users you can share with. It's free and available on #5: You can create personal forecasts using a free biorhythm calculator called Free & Easy Biorhythm Calculator. . It includes basic rhythms, secondary rhythms, I-Ching rhythms, ...

Organization, the Key to Success by Michelle Dunn
... You can use anything, old shoe boxes with nice wrapping paper on the outside, or with pictures on them that your kids have drawn. Anything to contain the papers on your desk. Look at your desk and make a pile of the things you use every or every other day. Those are the things you want to keep on your desk or somewhere that you have easy access. Make a pile of everything else and move it to the floor or away from your desk. Make sure you have an “in” box.