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Friday, April 27, 2018
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How to Get Rich Playing With WORDS! by Terri Wells
... Winning Millions of Dollars. The odds of winning a major state / multi-state lottery is for example: 1 in 120,526,770 is your chance of winning the most popular multi-state lottery in the U.S. Power Ball. Trying to guess which of the 1 to 53 and 1 Powerball number from 1 to 42 will come out on is mind boggling and to make it even tougher; the rule is that you must get the 1 in 120,526,770 right on the night that you play. No holding onto your ticket and see if it comes out in a couple of ...

5 Tips for Finding Your Core Competencies by Jeff Hardesty
... You can always transfer it later to the million-dollar sales automation system. Can you apply a universal performance benchmark that is realistic and assures revenue goals individually and collectively? 3) You know you have achieved this when you can tell a sales recruit during the interview process the (3) simple numbers that will assure them success. Have you identified the ‘Key Performance Indicators’ in your sales process? A good KPI example in the sales process might be how many times ...

Finding Your Niche - Your First Step to an Online Business by Chad Curl
... Millions of products are shipped to consumers ordered through the internet everyday. And there are many, many specialty stores owned by private individuals that are extremely successful. But if you are new to selling on the internet, it may take a much larger investment just to get started. I hope you have begun to get ideas spinning around in your head. Now, let's branch off those ideas into more ideas. By now you should know what interests you have, even if you haven't thought of a ...