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Friday, February 23, 2018
Article written by David Richter

Does Retirement Fit Into Your Busy Schedule?

Why do you work?

Stop and think about it. Other than the income you derive from the various tasks and responsibilities you perform on the job, are there any other reasons you get up every morning before the birds do, drive your car in rush-hour traffic, get into the office and go to several meetings throughout the day that have yet to change life as we know it, and sit at your desk going through all the things you need to go through that are a part of whatís been called, work?

Youíve been doing this for a long time. Youíve been putting up with office politics, with a lot of grief from your supervisors, peers and direct reports, and then coming home a bit less energized than when you left twelve hours earlier, only to face other issues on the home front. Other than the money, what has been motivating you all these years?

Hopefully, you have been able to derive a measure of satisfaction from doing those things that have tapped your creativity and utilized a good percentage of your talents, capabilities and unique gifts. Hopefully, you have followed your passion over the years and associated yourself with the types of jobs and careers for which you have felt a lot of enthusiasm, and from which you have been able to experience tremendous fulfillment.

If you are reaching retirement age, it may be time for you to look at a retirement calculator, assess your finances, and review all the things that have produced your fulfillment. If you are financially positioned to retire, should you? It seems like a silly question, but thereís more to it than meets the eye. I donít recommend retirement to anyone.

Retirement implies you are no longer working. Youíve given up the treadmill described above for a villa somewhere off the coast of Spain. Sounds great, doesnít it?! Then why would I not recommend retirement? The reason is simple: People need to do creative things. They need to be involved and express their talents and capabilities to the fullest. Itís not only a way of feeling useful or deriving an income; itís more importantly a requirement for sanity and longevity. Numerous studies corroborate this.

Does this mean you shouldnít retire? Do you have to remain on the treadmill until you die? Not exactly. You can get out of the "rat race" without retiring. Applying a new dimension to the word, retire, it no longer implies that you stop working; rather, you are no longer working for someone else. You can still have that villa, only now you can also be engaged in creating and expressing your talents. For many retirees, it means establishing and marketing their hobbies. For many others, itís about starting their own consulting business.

The important thing to consider as you approach retirement age is that over the years you have brought a lot to the table and have given of yourself in many, many ways. You can now take those same talents and begin to look at ways you can continue to apply them in a self-employed capacity. The rewards will be great. Youíll be off the treadmill, youíll stay sane, youíll live longer, and that villa off the coast of Spain just got a new owner, you.

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