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Friday, February 23, 2018
Article written by Cathy Seiler

Discover More Phone Services

With the changes in electronics and telecommunications over the last decade, it is difficult to keep abreast of the latest, greatest technology. Long distance companies and phone services are constantly changing, and so are their offerings. If you are still using traditional phone services and have had the same phone company for the last twenty years, and you haven't checked out the latest offerings, you probably will be able to save some big dollars off your monthly phone bill.

With the de-regulation of the telecommunications industry many new long distance carriers that you may have not heard of entered the phone services market. While larger, better known carriers may charge 10 or more per minute of long distance, there are companies that charge only 2.7 to 3 per minute.

Bundled plans which include both local and long distance services, from lesser known providers, can also provide significant savings to you. You can easily compare phone services and rates online. Even if you want to stay with your current phone provider, call them to see if there are cheaper plans that you may take advantage of.

If you travel domestically or internationally, you may want to consider lower cost calling cards, which can easily be used by young and old alike. Phone charges can quickly add up when traveling, and prepaid phone cards can represent significant savings from your current phone company. Some calling cards offer current rates of 3.9 per minute quite a savings from traditional long distance call phone services that are charged to your home.

Need to compare your current cellular phone plan against other plans? Utilize phone services websites to shop and compare, and to look for deals. Many people are using their cellular phones as their primary and only phone, so it pays to compare plans. Also check out your current Internet charges for dial-up or DSL services. You will be amazed at the savings you might be able to find by comparing rates and plans. On-line rate calculators and websites that consolidate phone service information really help you easily make side by side comparisons for all kinds of services. Advanced features like conference calls, T1 lines, and voice messaging are also phone services that can be shopped and compared.

When you do find lower rate plans, make sure to check for any hidden charges and fees that may be incurred by switching. Some local phone companies charge you a Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC) fee for switching your local or long distance plan. The new company usually picks this charge up, but is important to confirm this before you switch. Read the fine print on all contracts and deals so you aren't surprised later by phone services charges you didn't know about.

There are so many phone services offered today that it really pays to compare their rates and services. Several websites make it easy to find pricing information and make comparisons. It makes sense to periodically check out the newest services available, and the lowest prices as well. The savings can all be yours.
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