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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics by Steven M. Ng
... The calculator will provide you with your Kua Number, and more importantly, what each Pa-Kua direction means to you. In short, four of those directions will be positive and favorable to you, while the other four will have negative connotations for you. The eight Pa-Kua directions can be briefly summarized as follows: Sheng Chi (Life Generating) - This Pa-Kua direction is your prosperity and wealth direction. You would focus on this direction if you are interested in financial strength.

Quick Authentic Feng Shui Advice For Your Home by Ken Toh
... Remember, different people have different Kua numbers and directions, meaning a good direction for you to stimulate may be a bad direction for a loved one. In cases where there are multiple occupants whose good/bad directions overlap: use items that are primarily protective items with a secondary role of enhancing. That way, if an item for some reason is placed in the wrong direction, you're still protected. The Entrance Asides from the entrances being entry points for your home, it is ...

Retirement Planning Calculator - Who Needs Them by Tom Turner
... These are all very basic, but they do not offer the real meat of the subject. So, what do you need to think about when using a retirement planning calculator? You need to decide what it is you really dream about. You should never settle for just getting by. Why should you plan to survive? You should plan to thrive in your retirement life. Retirement planning calculators are meant to help you determine basic calculations of numbers and percentages. Life is so much more than this.

Are You Measuring The Right Outcomes? by Dr. Yvonne LaMar
... ways to determine if you are on the right track before your growth is out of control. How you measure this year will be different than how you measure next year. New people and new resources will likely send you in directions that you cant even imagine right now. Patience and even a tiny commitment to precision can make a world of difference from the beginning. I pulled out my calculator Ė 525, 600 minutes. Thatís how many minutes are in a year. Now I know that I am humming the right tune.

Can TNA Wrestling Compete with the World Wrestling Entertainment? by Eoghann Irving
... The only wrestler that TNA has who could be described as a potential breakout star is Samoa Joe and the current creative direction is jeopardizing a year's worth of star making. There's an additional PR problem that TNA faces. There are a few too many old faces on their shows, people that were stars (in some cases) but are too old to be entirely credible in the main event any more. Using names like Sting and Scott Steiner might get a one off ratings push, but by placing them in title ...

Numerology and Oracles: The Tablets of Fate by Keith Abbott
... The "Tablets of Fate" call for 32 responses, 16 numbers with both an upright and a reversed meaning. You would seek your answer by placing the chart with the "Tablet" in front of you and turning it randomly to set it's direction, upright or reversed. Then you'd use your finger, a small stick, or a pencil held in your hand to randomly pick your answer. > Known Tablets of Fate The following Tablets can be found in several sources under different names.

Does Your Financial Plan Belong in a Cartoon? by Neal Frankle
... If not, here are two tips that can help fix your plan: 1.Just because you can tap into your IRA accounts at age 59-1/2 doesnít mean you have to. Chances are, youíre going to live a lot longer than you think. Itís not unusual for folks to live into their nineties and beyond. If you delay taping your retirement accounts, you give them a greater opportunity to grow, and you reduce the time they have to produce income for you. Itís a double win! 2.Use a defensive strategy when it comes to ...

Sixties: The Decade of Rebellion by Phil Edwards
... An impressive increase in the numbers of young people going to college, and an equally impressive increase in the number of young men moving to Canada. Ref: But why was this war so different from Korea, only about ten years earlier? The simple answer: television. Reporters with cameras covered the bloodiest parts of the war, capturing the pain on both sides in film. And those films made their way to broadcast television, which for the first time could be found in half or more American homes.

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