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Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Google Page Rank Explained by Michael Lawrence
... In a complex network like the internet finding the page rank for all webpages can take millions of iterations. Click here for more detailed examples and an online page rank calculator It is also worth noting that when a webpage transfers page rank voting shares to another webpage the page rank of the contributing page is not reduced in any way . There is no actual page rank transfer, only a weighted "vote" is passed to the outgoing links. Links on webpages with a high page rank and ...

Free Money-Making Program - Monetizing The Net And Equalizing Prosperity by Majelis Abu Hamid
... New Concept of InternettingGoing on line or surfing the Internet to many citizens of the world, especially those of the under developed and developing or the third world, equals to going to a big mall. By that statement, the author wants to emphasize the fact that to many people of this class, going online is on their lowest priority list. Why do you have to go to a mall if you get nothing to spend or if you cannot afford even to pay the bus fare to go there.

History of End User Programming by Peter Hale
... Tim Berners-Lee [23] developed HyperText Markup Language (HTML), and has been involved with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) [29] in developing standards base languages for the Web. This has encouraged the growth of the 'Semantic Web' [11] which allows both humans and computers to search and interact with pages more and so encouraged the development of interactive web pages and communities. 2000sRecent, present and future research can enable the use of semantic web technologies, ...

How To Build Rapport - That Essential Sales Skill by Jonathan Farrington
... Chances are that they’re also good at networkingdeveloping a wide network of friends, colleagues, allies and useful contacts. Networking offers you a structured way of making certain that your ideas are effectively exchanged with others. And Finally: Networking In ActionHow can you get to know your team, other managers and clients better? Are there management associations you could join, luncheon clubs, your local Chamber of Commerce? Organise team events outside working hours.

Green Travel – Making Better Environmental Travel Choices by Susanne Pacher
... Other eco-certification programs for tourism operators and tips for eco-savvy consumers include the following websites: - Terra Choice - Green Globe 21 - Environmental Choice - Green Seal - The Global Ecolabelling Network - The Climate Neutral Network Another interesting website is Future Forests: it advocates a “carbon neutral” lifestyle, in order to neutralize our impact on the environment. Future Forests have been proving people with a variety of environmental gifts since 1997.

Smartphones Becoming A Reality by Jay Mark
... Certain security features need to be addressed and wireless networks will need to assure consumers that their data will remain secure before the world will surrender itself fully to wireless, but many people are already enjoying the cost savings from using VoWiFi phones in wireless hotspots. At least for now, no roaming charges apply to WiFi use, and users welcome this savings enthusiastically . Wireless will become the choice American businesses.

Neural Workflow - Workflow Software by Craig Cameron
... tracking of all the different tasks and flows is easily understood. Show me the Money A neural workflow system is superior to a traditional workflow system in that it provides a method of perpetual efficiency improvements or to put it another way it provides a cost saving continuum. For more information please check out Craig Cameron is employed as the Chief Technical Officer at Web and Flo Pty. Ltd. Craig has been developing applications in the workflow software industry for over 6 years.

Sales 201: Learning Tools of Your Trade by Daniel Sitter
... My equipment features built-in wireless networking capability so that I can log onto the internet or send and receive emails from an increasing number of hot-spots in most areas. These devices are no longer simple name and address managers, but rather your mobile office and window to the world! • Flash Drive:A flash drive is a small electronic device housing a memory chip for the purpose of storing data in a manner similar to that of a hard drive on your computer.

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