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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Fat Burners: The Biggest Rip-Off of the Weight Loss Industry? by Nathan Latvitis
... This will help to decrease your appetite by filling up your stomach, it’s natural, and you need water to function properly anyway. 2. Eat fiber. You can either eat foods with fiber in them, like vegetables, or you can just buy some of that powdered fiber at the store (it actually doesn’t taste that bad), and take some with your meals. Fiber cannot be digested, so it will decrease the actual capacity for your stomach to hold food. Plus fiber pushes food through your digestive tract faster ...

Lose Weight Fast With The Red Tea Diet by Alan Rosca
... This diet is very low in proteins and if it is followed for more than five days, may lead to a severe decrease of the amount of proteins in the body. The red tea also interfere with iron absorption so the body`s capacity to absorb iron is limited. The red tea diet should not be followed by pregnant women, children, people who are under medical treatment, or suffer from ulcer, insomnia, or anemia. To read the rest of this article, go to ProjectWeightLoss.com an online weight loss community ...

Your Kidney Function Really Matters: A Lighter Look at What You Need to Know to Prevent Adverse Dru by Timothy McNamara
... So, when kidney function decreases, creatinine clearance (the amount of blood that the kidneys are successfully 'cleaning') also decreases. So remember: 'kidneys no clearance go DOWN'. (Note: this is easy to remember because it is the exact opposite of what you were initially thinking, and the opposite of what happens with serum creatinine. Most of medicine is like this.) Now for the super tricky part just for those gunning for an A. There is a way to 'guestimate' creatinine clearance ...

Headset Growth – Out Of The Call Center And Into The General Office Cubicle by Melissa Vokoun
... It is estimated that in North America, there are well over 30 million "knowledge workers" who use the telephone in excess of 2 hours per day. Yet, according to the Gartner Group, the telephone headset penetration rate is less than 10 percent of those workers. With the emergence of the segmentation and industry recognition of "customer experience" staffs in public and private organizations, those responsible for corporate communications, the need for companies who offer products and services ...

A Look Into The Future Of The Headset Industry In North America And Beyond by Melissa Vokoun
... The financial ROI on the purchase of a headset for employees in Accounting, Marketing, HR, Engineering, Administration or Mid-level Managerial functions when compared to the increase in productivity, decrease in employee absenteeism due to fatigue and "handset usage" in conjunction with telephone usage will insure that within the next 20 years, the majority of all "knowledge workers" will consider their headset as integral to their job as a computer, calculator, or phone.

The Wonderful Future of Cell Phones by Amit Laufer
... The current generation of G-2.5 technology as well as the very near future G-3 units that are starting to emerge right now will carry in it so many functions which are mind blowing. These new Cell phones are going to be a multimedia center, a mobile office, a navigation device GPS (Global Positioning system), a computer with fast Internet access, a text messenger, a high resolution camera and video, a watch, a calculator, a PDA, an MP3 music player, TV and a Wallet!

8 Keys To Healthy Weight Loss And Burning Body Fat by Ellen Agius
... So for normal functioning of metabolism we require nutrients in the form of supplements. The usage of supplements is to balance the required nutrients in the body. You need mulivitamins and minerals supplied in a food matrix, which is specifically designed to support your body’s ability to utilize fat. A supplement that provides important antioxidant and stress nutrients. There are over 400 toxins in our bodies not present 40 years ago , most of them are stored in fat.

The Diet Demons by Deborah Caruana
... BMR is the minimum amount of calories required for vital body functions during relaxed, reclined and waking states. There are a few different calculations for this (complicated and long winded) or you can go to my web sites nutrition page where the calculations will be done for you.. After you determine your BMR, you must factor in your activity level. Basically you burn 100 -300 calories for every hour of exercise (depending on intesity). The more lean muscle tissue you have the higher ...

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