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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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A 30% Chance That Statistics Never Lie by David Leonhardt
... day, and you will reduce the risk of starvation by at least 69.3 percent. This seems like great advice. Hmm, I wonder what Uncle Gyula would say about this. "Actually, if you eat a dozen donuts every day, you decrease your chances of starving within 30 days to almost zero. And, due to increased risk of a heart attack, your new projected lifespan years old." "But I'm already 41," I protested. Uncle Gyula pondered the statistics. "It seems to me that starvation is your best bet, after all.

Best Franchises by Tristan Andrews
... Use your heart, but also use your head, your pencil, your calculator, your accountant, your attorney, your family and any other resource you can to help make your decision of best franchises. In present scenario there are number of franchises available. Automotive franchises, business training franchises, employment and training franchises, child education franchises, commercial cleaning franchises, internet franchises, food franchises, health and beauty franchises, construction franchises, ...

Is Zone Diet a Fad? by Lulia Pascanu
... Your body and mind function sharply at their "peak level". The Zone is a FAD diet in this respect. 10. It relies on testimonials and success stories rather than scientific proof Dr. Sears says "Let me be a little more specific about the rewards you'll reap from staying in the Zone" ("Enter the Zone", p. 4). A few paragraphs later he tells the happy stories of Steve Courson (a famous National Football League player in the late 1970's), his teammate John Corb and Dr.

Seven Crucial Steps for Long Term Weight Loss by John Tiniakos
... Therefore in order to train at an intensity level of 70% of maximum heart rate your training heart rate should be 126 beats per minute. How do you calculate your heart rate during exercise? Simply take your pulse by counting the number of beats over a 10 second period. Multiply that figure by 6 and you have the number of beats for a 1 minute period Ė thatís your training heart rate. Before you begin exercising, however, get clearance from your doctor, especially if youíre a beginner.

Easy and Effective - Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan for Your Home Business by Patrysha Korchinski
... Itís an 11 day promotion out of a 31 day month, which is 35% of the month. This gives a dollar amount of $14. She now was $96.50 to devote to her marketing efforts for the Valentineís Day promotion. Now she has to decide which methods to use to promote her business. She first considers using chocolate hearts with her business name on them and leaving them with a sign and display at the local mechanic. Unfortunately, at 25 cents a piece, the 500 minimum is too high to fit the budget.