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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Telecommuting Idea – Bookkeeping by Nell Taliercio
... Sit down and draw up a simple little proposal showing the employer what he would save in having you move your office to your house, as well as how you could overcome any possible obstacles, such as needing to get the current accounting date (daily / weekly), how your employer can get in touch with you on a daily basis etc. If you are approaching a new business owner, offer to work in house for a few weeks to train and get acquainted with everyone in the office.

The Era of Information Technology by Steven Cancel
... With the increasing new technologies coming out everyday, employees in the Information Technology work force must constantly re-educate themselves with all the new technologies. This makes IT a very demanding field as it is always developing and perfecting. The process of improvement is what makes this such a desirable aspect to almost any business. It is very important for anyone in the IT field to always stay up to date with all newly developing technologies that relate to their industry.

Access Forex Calculators and Tool – the Where's and Why's by Kenny Yong
... This is a great tool for currency traders and exchange specialist as it can give them a good picture of the currency market. Mobile Currency Converters – these are mini application calculators that can be installed in your mobile device – they typically access an online database to receive the latest rates on the market. These are very handy for those always on the go. A variant of this calculator works by receiving currency calculations based on the query sent by the mobile subscriber.

History of the Computer - Artificial Intelligence - is it possible? by Tony Stockill
... The idea was to perform reliable calculations, as the people currently handling the task, (known as computers) made many errors. ALAN TURINGAlan Turing, another English mathematician, born some 120 years after Babbage, advanced the field of the computing. Turing has been called the 'Father of Computer Science' He devised the Turing Machine in the 1930s, this was essentially a model of a computer, needing only the electronics to make one. During WW2 he worked as a cryptanalyst at Bletchley ...

10 Quick Steps To Becoming A Google Power-User by Judith Brandy
... Instant calculations online. Divide = / and Multiply = *. Plus and minus are + and -. Tip #7: Get the local time any place on Earth. What time is it in Venice, Italy? Now you could surf on over to the World Time Clock, scroll through and find the country, find Italy, find the city of Venice, but why waste time? Simply type in “what time is it in Venice, Italy” and Google will return the correct answer, plus a link to where you can get more information all in 0.26 seconds.

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