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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Forex Tools & Their Use In Successful Trading by Adrian Pablo
... Successful Forex trading is all about being able to predict whether a currency will fall or rise against another currency allowing the Forex trader to profit from those currency movements. Most Forex trading can be characterized as speculative, this means the trader makes buying decisions based on predictions on how the market will respond to current political or economic events, and in order to be profitable with speculation the trader requires up-to-the-minute information and an analysis ...

What's an Effective Forex Tool to Help You With Your Trading by Dee Cohen
... Using pivot points can tell a Forex trader whether the prices are inside the normal trading range or in the extreme trading ranges instead. 4. Forex Simulator This enables either yourself or a Forex trader to upload, view and review historical data for any given point in time. This tool can be used to confirm one's understanding of pattern recognition and trading signals. It also allows you to rewind and fast forward the data provided in order to test and retest a person's knowledge and ...

Grab Your Toolkit by Steve Welker
... Once a trader has decided which currency pair to trade, he logs on to his online brokerage account. The selected currency pair is entered and the current exchange rate appears on the screen. The amount of the currency to purchase is entered. Some brokers will also allow you to specify a risk amount, which will automatically enter a Stop Loss order. Then you will get a final confirmation screen, once you accept the information on this screen then your trade request is in place.

Should You Wait On Volume Before Buying A Stock? by Larry Potter
... as the currencies fluctuate, they buy and sell stocks as hedges against the currency) Some programs are tied to interest swaps, some to interest rate derivatives, etc etc. But when they hit, they hit with a vengeance. It's not uncommon for a big outfit like Merrill to buy a basket and drive the DOW up 60 points in literally 15 minutes. Was there an accompanying rise in volume? Yes, but NOT in direct relation to the size of the point move and that is very very important folks.

Access Forex Calculators and Tool – the Where's and Why's by Kenny Yong
... This is great for those who trade currencies or would like to know how a currency is currently faring at the market. If you, for any reason, want to check the foreign exchange rate of a certain currency on a given past date, the History Calculator can get you your data in a jiffy. Most History Calculators are updated daily and contain enough data for months. When choosing a currency calculator, you may also want to consider those that update automatically many times a day.

Forex Trading With Economic Indicators by Tiffany Walker
... All you have to do is type in an inquiry plus the words “forex trading economic indicators - blog” into a search engine and you will find tons of timely tips about currency, futures and investments. There are also tons of sites on the Internet that specialize in the topic of Forex trading with Economic Indicators. Some of them are free to read and some you can subscribe to for a small fee. When deciding what kind of site you want to subscribe to keep in mind that a good one will have ...

Learn Forex Online Currency Trading by Tiffany Walker
... Of course another way to learn forex online currency trading is through a course or workshop. These are often offered by self-styled gurus on the subject through organizations such as the Learning Annex. However this is not as good as having all of the online tools, calculators, calendars and feeds that are often part of a true currency trading learning experiencing. If you prefer to learn forex online trading in a very structured way there are plenty of forex futures gurus online who have ...

Forex Trading: How to Setup a Solid Workstation? by Toby Smitz
... IntroductionAt first glance, it may not appear that important, but you will come to appreciate the wisdom of ensuring you have all of the tools necessary to make your currency trading experience a positive one. Work Station LocationChoosing the right place for trading is your first step. Be sure not to rush into making this decision too quickly. Do you have a spare room? How about an office? The place you choose should be a place where you can concentrate and feel comfortable.

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