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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Latest Gadgets-Make a Toss before Buying One by Amanda Dorthy
... A mobile phone can be used as a camera, music player, gaming device, web explorer, currency converter, countdown timer, calculator besides using it as a talking instrument. Over the last couple of years, the entire mobile phone scenario has gone a radical change. First came the camera feature, then music player, then wireless connectivity through Infrared, USB and Bluetooth, then Internet access through GPRS, WAP, XHTML and now 3G and WLAN. Isn't that a great achievement?

Samsung D830: Size Does Matter by Keith Rickwood
... It is a complete phone with useful functions like calculator, currency converter, scheduler, to do list, etc. Although it is a pint-sized as compared to the bulky 130-150 g phones available today, it is a phone packed with abundant features. In this age of unwieldy phones where it is tough to press the cramped keys Samsung D830 comes with an easy -to -use keypad. A black menu written in a conspicuous white script is again an added attraction. All in all a “recommended buy” for those ...

Nokia E50: The Cost Effective Business Solution by Keith Rickwood
... Business applications starting from organizer, calculator to currency converter are included. The Nokia E50 have a 1.3 megapixel camera with CMOS technology and digital zoom for you to click great pictures and share them immediately through MMS or email. You can even video record events as the happen continuously up to one hour. The includes a media player that supports video playback other than popular music file formats like MP3 and AAC with immense clarity on the headphones or the ...

History of Beading by Tracy Stillman
... The Romans used beads to make one of the world’s first calculators, the abacus, and like their Egyptian counterparts, these patricians sought out the most precious beads, such as pearls, to decorate themselves, hoping the revered goddess Isis would watch over them. Even the fashion conscious marauders of the north, the Vikings, fancied themselves as bead artisans. What they lacked in manners, they certainly made up for in design and although their beads were possibly not quite as elaborate ...

A Visit to Shanghai China - Part One by Salihu Ibrahim
... That is if you have the money to pay for it. The prices of items here are government controlled. That is you may not find great differences in prices of items amongst the various shops. But you are free to bargain. Usually with a calculator.There are many peculairities of life in China. Especially for a foreigner. These are things anyone should know before visiting China. Some of these I will be writing about in part two of a "trip to Shanghai China".

10 Small Things To Take On Your International Trip by Fred Tittle
... 9 Note book and pens for writing down stuff that you are going to need to remember like flight times, phone numbers and words you want to learn like thank you, hello and how much, which I usually don’t write down anymore, as I just whip out my calculator. The idea is too have all your data in one place. In China they want the receipts back for everything; you can store them in there as well. I buy the little black books that fit in a shirt pocket and then keep them for after the trips as ...

How To Build Rapport - That Essential Sales Skill by Jonathan Farrington
... It is useful to mismatch when: • You want a meeting to come to an end – clear up papers, put a pen away • You want to conclude a telephone conversation – minimise responses and noises off • You need time to think before acting – use the bathroom, make a telephone call, add up figures on your calculator • What you are doing isn’t working – go for a walk, listen to some music, make a phone call • Matching is affecting your mood negatively – break off the conversation, change the ...

African Safari Gear Packing List - What To Take Along by Bruce Whittaker
... Binoculars (essential safari gear) Torch Camera and film (can be expensive and/or difficult to obtain) and extra flash batteries and lens cleaner If taking a digital camera: memory stick(s)/data card(s), charger and extra batteries Small bean bag to substitute a tripod Sleeping bag (may be supplied by safari company so check first) Travel pillow, or you can use your polar fleece/windbreaker Small calculator (or if you're taking your mobile phone) for currency calculations Money ...

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