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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Beginning Real Estate Investing - Four Tools You Must Have by Tom Dunn
... you, will shorten your learning curve considerably. There are other tools that I think are important for beginning real estate investing, such as business cards, bandit signs, lock boxes, and a tape measure, but none of them are what I would call indispensable. The four tools I mentioned- financial calculator, flashlight, cell phone, and personal computer - are the things I strongly recommend as you are beginning real estate investing. Want more? Find it atBeginning Real Estate Investing .

Best Franchises by Tristan Andrews
... Have you ever wanted to take control of your life, run your own business from home and spend more time with your family? Then working from home is one of the best franchises available for you. Another important factor that governs your decision about selecting a best franchise is the amount of money, you able to invest. Some franchises require little more than the investment of just a small franchise fee while others require good franchise fees, real estate investments, inventory and other ...

History of the Computer - Computers and Technology by Michael Cooper
... They usually were very expensive in cost but designed to last at least five to ten years. They also required well educated and experienced manpower to be operated and maintained. Larry Wulforst, in his book Breakthrough to the Computer Age, describes the old mainframes of the 1940's compared to those of the 1990's by speculating, contrast to the sound of the sputtering motor powering the first flights of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk and the roar of the mighty engines on a Cape ...

Best Cell Phones - Cell Phone Shopping 101 by Samantha Goode
... In addition, special features may include an alarm, voice dialing, memo recorder, built-in stopwatch/calculator/scheduler, games and custom graphics for screen savers and wallpaper. Samsung This company offers a rather advanced line of cell phones, some of which include options such as Microsoft Windows technology, audio/video color clips, an expansion slot, voice notes, voice recognition, full-color screen, downloadable games, speaker phone, built-in digital camera and the ability to ...

The Only Review You'll Ever Need of Blade: The Series (Part 1 of 5) by Larry D. Yablow
... George Takei, the backup drummer for Wang Chung, a waiter from an Italian restaurant and 3 hot chicks from Club Hubba Hubba. With this unlimited imagination and an unequalled zest for life, the Spike writers got set for an explosive first episode. I too, as your intrepid reviewer, got set for an explosive first episode. However, I'll wager that the Spike preparation for an explosive first episode didn't include checking to make sure the bathroom had adequate toilet paper. The stage is set.

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