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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Coaching Every Play! by Jeffrey Summers
... Restaurant number 1, (let’s call it my restaurant) has a GM/Owner who, like the great Coach on a very good football team, is on the sidelines watching every play, calling the plays, Coaching the team through the series of plays that will lead to winning the game, and living the game through the actions of his team, one play at a time. Ever see Don Shula on the sidelines? He had one of the most intense gazes. You would always find Coach Shula focused every play, kneeling, squatting or ...

The Tax Payer as Gilligan by Kemberly Wardlaw
... Preparing for increases in the cost of living is an important aspect to financial planning. Your financial planner can assist you in reviewing inflation trends, introducing inflation adjusted estimates for future income needs, managing tax efficient portfolios, and keeping an eye on government actions. While you cannot control the weather of our economy, preparing your S.S. Minnow for potential rough sailing is important. (As this episode ends and the closing credits roll, we rejoin the ...

Types of Batteries by Jeff Anderson
... high drain rate applications, such as electronics applications. Alkaline batteries can deliver 50-100% more total energy than conventional carbon zinc batteries of the same size, making them popular for consumer applications. Silver Oxide Cells: commonly found as button cells that power small electronic devices such as watches, calculators, hearing aids and other small specialty devices. Rated at 1.55 volts per cell, their advantage is small size, high energy density and long shelf life.

Retirement Calculator: How Much Will It Cost You to Retire? by Robert Andrews
... Life expectancy Your expected life expectancy will also affect the result in your calculator. 3. Inflation rate 4. Total Social Security Disbursements 5. Rate of ROI (return of investment) These are just some of the probable factors that you have to consider when using retirement calculators. All of these things will have individual effects on the results. In the end, people tend to mix everything up and errors on computations are expected. Financial experts recommend some feasible ...

The Surefire Way To Getting A Pay Raise by Dan Strakal
... Keep in mind, such calculators provide industry averages and may not be adjusted for the cost of living in your particular part of the country. The average salary for an accounting clerk in New York City, New York is going to be slightly higher than for the same position in Deer Lodge, Montana. Check with your company’s compensation department on what the exact salary range is for your position. Most companies are obligated to provide this information to you on a confidential basis.

Resell Rights: The Quickest Way To Your Own Online Business by Stephen P Smith
... But best leave that until later in the day when you have your business established and making you a comfortable living. And that day need not be very far away, because fortunately there is an alternative and much quicker way of getting started, through what are known as resell rights. Put simply this involves purchasing a license to sell a product already created by another. Online these are currently offered on a huge variety of products, typically e-books and software programs.

How To Get The Best Term Life Insurance Quote by E. Cory
... The older you are, the closer you are to your life expectancy – so, the higher your life insurance premiums. Younger people are not expected to die soon, so their premiums are lower. Also, your health may change and you may not be able to qualify for life insurance coverage in the future. Or, the premiums may not be affordable. Important Note: Always make sure you get guaranteed rates. Level term insurance offers you guaranteed rates for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Ad Word Analyzer-An Honest Review by Klipper Trombly
... If you know you average cost per click, average conversion rate, average clicks per day, and affiliate commission, you can get a roughly idea on how much money you are going to make in one month. The other is number strip. Overture tool and word tractor often generate keywords list with number of searches. It can remove the numbers automatically for you. Overall Ad Word Analyzer is a power tool to enhance your keyword search ability.

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