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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Log Homes - Top 10 Questions (and Answers) by Al Hearn
... The cost of these features can be estimated and added to the cost of your land and your log kit (don't forget labor) to arrive at an estimate of your total cost. Our Cost Estimator calculator can help you. 5. What is the best log style (profile)? There are round logs, rectangular logs, half-round logs, milled, and handcrafted — and a variety of different styles of each of these. Your choice may be partially influenced by the style that is popular in your area.

How To Find Discount Realty Services by B Shelton
... Simply enter the estimated selling price of your home, choose the state that you live in, and submit. Within seconds, you'll get the average commission paid out on home sales in that area. The results are interesting. In Massachusetts, for instance, where the average price of a home is $200,000 to $250,000, the average broker's commission in a recent month was only 5.1% - nearly a full percent below the 'standard' commission, for a discount realty deal that saves the seller over $2,200.

Retirement – It's Sooner Than You Think!! (Honestly) by Kate Hufstetler
... 5) Convalescent Care (nursing home costs) provincially run about $100/day median. You will need to multiply that times the same 4% inflation rate. Then multiply that times the number of years before you may need it—to approximate how much you may need to afford for your housing when you need assistance. Truth be known—WE need to plan to handle that cost ourselves, rather than think our children will be able to take on that kind of additional cost.

Information Needed for Shipping Cost Estimates by Dr. Alfred Savio
... into various zones, the guaranteed delivery days and times vary by zone. Be prepared to pay a hefty premium for an overnight delivery to a far-away destination. There are various on-line tools that can be utilized to estimate the cost of shipping a package. At and there are cost calculators that utilize the information detailed above to estimate the cost of shipping your package. You can also utilize the services of your friendly, local The UPS Store location via a quick telephone call.

Home Insurance Quote Online – What You Need to Know Before Shopping by Gavin Bloom
... Square footage is used because home builders use it to estimate the cost to rebuild a house. You can find the accurate square footage on your home from the original house appraisal or plot plan. Once you have the square footage then you can add the upgrades like fireplaces, air conditioning, and finished basements. The online insurance calculators will often ask for a percentage of your total basement area that is finished. There are several questions asked during online quoting about ...

Starting a Cleaning Business and Successfully Growing It by Walt Gibson
... You should have: a sales script memorized to perfection whether you do in-home estimates or estimates by phone; cleaning fee estimate calculator; fee estimate letters; follow-up letters for quotes not booked; new customer letters stating hourly fees for cleaning services and payment policies; a customer database and accounting system; information sheets listing vital details for each customer; cleaning service checklist form to leave with customers after each service; and customer survey ...

Successful Remodeling: Ten Tips for Keeping Your Sanity by Dan Fritschen
... Use the Remodel-or-Move Calculator to estimate your costs. Available at this calculator will give you an estimate by including information about the rooms that will be remodeled, the level of finish that you want, how you will manage the project, and where your home is located. Because it is fully automated, it allows you to try a number of different combinations of materials and room changes quickly, and it's free.

eBay Secrets to Getting Started Selling Online by Chris Ryerson
... One trick to doing this is to calculate the cost before hand using your home as the starting destination and then the state and city that is the farthest away from you. This way you will easily cover your shipping costs. Don’t forget to add in any handling fees like the price of boxes, packing tape, and any other items used in packaging the item for shipment. Often sellers forget to do this and lose money on easy shipment they make. eBay Secret 5 List for 7 DaysThe longer your auction is up ...

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