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Monday, April 23, 2018
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Access Forex Calculators and Tool the Where's and Why's by Kenny Yong
... Aside from just performing numerical conversions from one currency to another, these History Calculators also store in a special database historical data regarding a currency. This is great for those who trade currencies or would like to know how a currency is currently faring at the market. If you, for any reason, want to check the foreign exchange rate of a certain currency on a given past date, the History Calculator can get you your data in a jiffy.

Affiliate Programs - Crunching The Numbers & Conversion Myths by Carole Nickerson
... What a lot of people don't realize is that when an affiliate program is claiming very high conversions, they aren't basing it solely on affiliate conversions (that is if they are being honest and basing it on anything at all). These "conversion" figures are often used to manipulate new affiliates into signing up. Another form of manipulation is the claim of top affiliates who earned $10,000-$30,000 or more in a single month. Sounds good, but what they aren't telling you is that only a very ...

Paper Clip Management by Justin Rains
... In online advertising it is all about the numbers and conversion rates. The major disadvantage is that your daily budget can be used pretty quickly. That means your ads will not show up until the next day. After a week or two it will be easy to determine if your budget is working for you. Another disadvantage is that there is no way to stop your competition from clicking on your ad. See this post about Yahoo being sued for PPC fraud. In closing choose wisely when setting up your Pay Per ...

The 3 Metrics You Must Understand Before You Do Your Next Pay Per Click by Mike Makler
... 1 - Conversion RateThe Conversion rate is the number of Visitors who actually make a sale. If you have 100 Visitors and make 3 sales then your Conversion Rate is 3 Percent. Often you need to take a best guess at your conversion rate until you actually run some PPC. A 3 Percent Conversion rate is fairly conservative for most good Pay Per Click Campaigns. 2 - Return on Ad SpendReturn on Ad Spend is a measure of How Many dollars you take in versus how much you spend on advertising.

Broadband Tools To Measure System Performance And More by Michael Lemm
... * SG Bits/Bytes Conversion Calculator The Bits/Bytes calculator is a useful tool for quickly converting bits/bytes, etc. It takes into consideration the different conventons while calculating data communication rates and storage space. * SG RWIN/BDP Calculator The RWIN/BDP calculator can be used to estimate TCP Window values, based on the Bandwidth *Delay Product (BDP for short). It can also calculate maximum bandwidth based on RWIN and latency values, and perform a number of different ...

GPS For World Travelers by Simon Wyryzowski
... For those who plan on traveling the world, there are nice features such as a picture view (for viewing any number of digital pictures you take on the journey), world clock complete with time zones, currency conversion tools, measurement conversion tools, and calculators. That's only just the start! There are many features and programs you can add to your GPS depending on what you need. For example there are many language programs you can buy that allows you to look up phrases and words for ...

How to Measure Your Website's Performance by Charlie Cook
... during a given month you should be able to get 5-15% of site visitors to give you their contact information so you can stay in touch with them. Try the Free Web Site Conversion Calculator with this link. Want to increase your web sales? 1. Increase the number of unique visitors to your site. 2. Get more people to contact you and buy from you. Track your conversion rate as a first step to identifying where and how you can increase your online profits. 2005 In Mind Communications, LLC.

3 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates by Nick Usborne
... Too often they are found in the small print somewhere, qualified with all sorts of legal nonsense. If you want to make your prospects and buyers feel secure, make the guarantee bold. Say it loud. Have it jump out at people. Let them know that they are protected if they choose to buy. These are just three of the ways direct marketers try to increase conversion rates. They keep people reading with a strong promise, an attractive offer and a cast-iron guarantee. Do you?

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