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Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Creativity by Usman Paracha
... In the every day life we see a lot of things like computer, calculators, abacus etc. After the sight of which we think that these are better than the Human mind. But fact is different. Computers have no ability to think and create on their own. Am I right or not? What do you think about this? Thinking, creativity, feelings and many things which computer is short of at this time. There are many man made things which works better than human body and mind.

Computers Are Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! by Mike Bryant
... The next time you sit in front of the computer and start to get frustrated because the computer isn't doing what you want it to do, just remember that the machine in front of you is very stupid and is only doing what it thinks (probably could have used a better term here) you want. Now, for the Cool Site of the week This week's site is 43Things.com. This is a neat social networking site where you can list up to 43 things that you want to accomplish.

Computers Rule Our Lives? by Jennifer Kittell
... People make these programs so that they hook even the most anti-computer person into computers and then convince him that he ‘needs’ to keep adding new “toys” to his computer. I do want to stress that computers are an important part of our advancing culture, but the obsession and dependency is nothing more than a marketing scheme. A lot of media and just general people put a lot of emphasis on the use of computers. Jobs look for computer literacy as a requirement and some bill paying ...

Console Gaming vs. Computer Gaming by Jared Strop
... like the best graphics and FPS games, or buy a PS2 if you want a huge library of games or love fighting games, Action/Adventure games, platformers, and RPG games. You also have another option. You could wait until the Xbox 360 comes out this month and get that or wait until the Nintendo Revolution and PS3 come out next year. If you want advise on gaming computers and computer gaming, then is a great resource for all your questions and even has a tutorial on building your own computer.

Computer Training, or "Would You Like Fries With That?" by Albert Medinas
... Well, you can always find time for computer training after you get laid-off and don’t have to worry about that irritating job thing for awhile - after all, it does eat up 40 hours a week (or more). However, if you want to stay ahead of the game and not play catch-up, online computer training schools may be your best option. Are you nuts? Those online places are a joke, right? I mean, what employer is going to give me a job because of some certificate from a school that doesn’t exist - ...

The Removal Of Sin: Post-Infection Cleaning by James Monahan
... The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool scans your computer for a prevalent malicious software that has been running around your computer. Because most computers operate normally even after an infection this removal tool will help you save your computer future complications if the malicious software persists. The removal tool works around the programs in your computer and finds malicious prevalent softwares like Blaster, Sasser and Mydoom.

Is It Really Progress by Fran Watson
... The instruction cards were input and the operators went off to do other things while the computer churned away on its task, eventually spitting out the information at the other end. Now there is more memory in a calculator than was in those behemoths and computers process that same information in a few seconds or even milliseconds and we have come to expect it. Everything is being designed for high speed – flash movies, videos, audio messages. But what about those of us who are still stuck ...

Handheld Computers Guide - What to Know When Purchasing Your New PDA by Donny Duncan
... Handheld Computers are the future of mobile computingWhen Handheld Computers were first introduced, it was the mobile work force that took them as gold. An address book, calendar, notebook, word processor, and much more, all rolled into a tiny device that can fit into your pocket. How could they pass it up? It was exactly what they had been waiting for. They no longer had to carry around their bulky laptops just to see what was on their calendar, or to simply jot a couple notes in a word ...

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